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    Anyone from Durgapur, WB? Need urgent help!

    Some school visiting required in person. I haven't been able to get hold of anyone in Calcutta from my circle to do this. If there is someone kind enough to take time out to go to a school to get some documents stamped, I would be extremely grateful. PS: Not necessarily looking for a free...
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    FS: Others THREE Big Bazaar vouchers worth 1000 each

    I have three Big Bazaar Gift Vouchers worth 1000 INR each. Selling at cost price (800). Valid till November 2016 Price non negotiable as I am not looking to make profit. Shipping if required, will be at actuals (most likely below 50 across India) Full size pics @
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD 1TB External HDD, excellent condition, no warranty

    I have a 5+ year old, very sparingly used Western Digital 1TB external hard drive (My Book Essential). I have upgraded to a 3 TB and now getting rid of this. Condition is top notch, the only damage is to the carton :P The drive still has the original plastic wrap on it - it has gotten a little...
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    Nokia Lumia 521 at Walmart for $129.88

    Due to superb pricing, it is already out of stock, but worth checking on the link occasionally. Cheapest if someone can get it in person, else clubbing multiples may work out cheap too. VPN required to access link.
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    Google sites down?

    Is it just me and my ISP or are Google services really done as I type this? I can't access gmail, youtube or even that stupid page. I can access every other site that I use.
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    FS: Mobile Google Nexus 4 16GB [brand new, sealed]

    Product: Google Nexus 4 16GB (LG E960) Product link: Product Condition: Brand new, sealed box. Please see pics below for the seal. Accessories included: Whatever comes standard in the box Reason for Sale: Bought...
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    Automatic floor sweeper / mop

    I am looking for an automatic floor sweeper / mop. I have seen these things in ads in the US, but in India, haven't found much online. Not even sure these things are sold here. Does anyone use these things or have an idea where they can be got? These usually look are lunch dish sized objects...
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    iPad 3 Safari full screen

    How do I go to full screen mode in Safari on an iPad 3? I didn't see any option. Searching the web tells that there is an arrow at the top right to go full screen, but I don't see any such thing.
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    FS: Others $162 SINGLE day voucher @ 5000

    Product description: voucher worth $162, which can be redeemed against ONE day of stay at any hotel on their site. Hotel has to be booked for STAY before 18th May 2013. This can be best used for stay at one of the higher priced 5 stars at a much lower rate. Valid for any duration of...
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    IC: Lifestyle Gift Vouchers @ 10% discount

    Not putting up a sale thread as I think this category isn't allowed. I wanted to check if there are folks who might be interested in Lifestyle gift vouchers of Rs. 1000/- denomination each, available at a 10% discount. Vouchers are valid at all Lifestyle and Homecenter stores all over India...
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    FS: Mobile Brand new, unused HTC One X 16GB with sealed accessories

    Product: AT&T HTC One X 16GB White Product link: Product Condition: Brand new, unused. AT&T screenguard still on the phone, and the accessories are in sealed condition. Note that the original retail box is NOT available, instead...
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    "Premium" Android phone under 20K

    This is for a friend of mine, neither a geek nor a noob, wants a fast phone with good display and battery life. Does not game a lot, but good to have a phone which can do so if required. 1. Q: Budget? A: 20K 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q: Preferred display type...
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    FS: Others GIVEAWAY: 10% OFF minimum $100 total purchase, valid till Dec 16

    EDIT: Coupon used by @gREen . Not available anymore Creating a separate thread as this MIGHT just be a high value discount for someone. Highlights of offer: Valid on TOTAL orders above $100 only Valid ONLY for items SOLD by Amazon directly Valid till December 16, 2012 Full terms and...
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    Dubai calling : DIY trip :D

    As title suggests, I am planning to do a DIY trip to Dubai sometime in February. While I can take care of the hotel booking and flights parts, I need to know where to go sight seeing, and what mode of transport would be preferred (public transport / cab etc.) Are there some kind of tourist...
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    FS: Mobile NEW Open Box Nokia Lumia 800, sealed accessories, 11 months Nokia India warranty

    Product Name: Nokia Lumia 800 Product Description: Nokia Lumia 800 - New Nokia Windows Phone powered by Windows Phone 7.5 - Nokia - India Warranty: Till 9th July 2013 Invoice: Available Product Condition: 9.5+/10 - refer Reason for Sale for item condition Reason for sale: This piece had a...
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    FS: Mobile Brand New Sealed Samsung Galaxy Note Blue, 1 YR Samsung India warranty

    Product: Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Blue Product details: Galaxy Note - OVERVIEW | SAMSUNG India Condition: Brand new, sealed box (please see pics below) Reason for sale: For profit (please advise if not appropriate) Price: INR 30,500 shipped (FIXED, not negotiable) Shipping: Included in...
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    Anyone from Delhi - NCR returning from US to India?

    I need a favour. Some packed beverage supplement, which unfortunately I haven't been able to procure here. Would really appreciate if someone could take the trouble. Thanks!
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    US trip - general tips

    Plenty of threads already here on some of the basic stuff, though I felt a few things might have got missed. So I have those questions here. Considering lot of folk do end up going to US at some point, it would be nice if we can make this some sort of generic thread with all the vital...
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    HTC Desire HD sparingly used mint with accessories [Delhi / NCR]

    Product: HTC Desire HD Condition: Mint with box and accessories. Phone has been sparingly used (less than a week), though it was bought long back. Purchase date: Feb 2011 Bill available: No Warranty: 11 more months in India. Reason for sale: Selling this on behalf of a friend who doesn't...
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    Pokki [HTML5 Desktop App Drawer] and Droid Run

    This is an info as well as a vote request thread, so putting it under GT. There is this concept called Pokki which aims at making your desktop livelier, and brings the concepts of "app on the desktop", also acting as a showcase of HTML5. To be honest, I heard about this only when one of my...