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    Budget 10-15K Decent Android phone

    Hi Guys, Looking for a decent Android phone. Overall performer with strong wifi connectivity.. Pls pour in ur valuable inputs. Wanna get it ordered today itself . thanks!!
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    AT&T Lumia 640LTE for 3700rs.

    Planning to order via a friend in US. Pls confirm if this is pre-unlocked ? or i need to play with it later to get it unlocked ? Can be it used in India without any issues ?
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 6 16 GB GOLD

    Hi, Selling iPhone 6 16 GB GOLD on behalf of a good friend.. Phone is in pristine condition.. Includes all accessories that came in the box.. Phone is used for ~ 3 months, other accessories remains unused ( Box packed ). PM me if interested.. thanks
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 5S GOLD

    Selling my iphone 5S GOLD as upgraded to iphone 6. Interested buyers , PM me. Manufacturer page URL:- No negotiations pls. Say NO to shipping. Mumbai buyers preferred. thanks :)
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    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 820

    Selling Lumia 820 on behalf of a friend.. Kindly PM me if interested.. Looking for a quick sale. thanks!!
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    WTB Moto E, Moto G

    Me too Interested but listing is no more available.
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    WTB CPU+Board+Ram

    Intel c2D E7500 + G41 Combo + 2* 1 GB DDR2 800 Mhz RAM + 80 GB Sata2 HDD + Circle Cabby + Circle PSU - All goes for 6.5k Only for local buyers ( Mumbai ) .. Lemme know if Interested. thanks
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    WTB CPU/Board/RAM/GPU/Cabinet

    Intel DG35c + E5200 + 2*2 GB Ram = 3.5K Only for Mumbai buyers... Let me know if Interested..
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    WTB Used Mobo+CPU combo

    Local sellers preferred... Bump
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    WTB Used Mobo+CPU combo

    Looking for a used motherboard + CPU combo.. PM me ur offers.. Mumbai sellers preferred..thanks!!
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    WTB Socket 775 motherboard

    Looking for a used Socket 775 motherboard. Hit me with ur offers... thanks!!
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    WTB 80 / 160 GB Sata HDD

    Looking for a used 80 /160 SATA Hdds.. Hit me with ur Offers.
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    FS: Video Card 3 x Asus R9 280x

    Collected a 280X yesterday.. Will test and leave feedback..thanks
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    Maria Sharapova doesn't know Sachin Tendulkar - do you care?

    Stop knowing these punks..Better know urself and enjoy :)
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Arctic MX-4

    Looking forward to sell my Arctic MX-4 ( 1 time used) as its lying unused since ages ( Say NO to desktop :P) Interested guys PM me .. thanks
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    FS: Mobile Used Iphone 5 ( Black )

    Phone SOLD :) MODS, please close the thread..thanks !!
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    FS: Mobile Used Iphone 5 ( Black )

    All PMS replied… Still up for sale :)
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    FS: Mobile Used Iphone 5 ( Black )

    16 GB.. A free bump:)