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    FS: Mobile iPhone 11 | 64GB | Black | Excellent condition | In warranty

    22 months old iPhone 11 | 64 GB | Black | In warranty Bill, warranty and all accessories available Used gently and in great condition. Reason for sale: Got iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery and warranty information is available in the pictures. 22 months old Black color 64GB In warranty 23 months old...
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Found this today
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    @gREen. please add me too
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    XBOX One for 29,999 @
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    Budget Above 25K Need advice on buying an iPhone6 from the US

    Hi guys, I am planning to get an iPhone 6 from the US, and I have questions. I would really appreciate any inputs and suggestions. 1. Is the T-Mobile version of the iPhone6 the same as buying a factory unlocked version. I would like to use it in India with an Airtel sim. 2. Will (airtel ) 4G...
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    WP Lumia 720 Amber Update. Screenshots included

    i don't see the FM radio. Is it a separate app ? No idea what caused a big standard lumia 720 to brick while trying to factory reset it.
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    WP Lumia 720 Amber Update. Screenshots included

    Hey Folks, Like a few other I chose the Lumia 720. Even though the phone is a gem in terms of the hardware, the software has been its achilees heel. Buggy, slow (multi-tasking) etc. Last night I bricked the phone while trying to reset it. I had no other option other than to visit the Nokia care...
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    Car & Bike Car Stereo - Help me finalize

    Thank you for the responses guys. To further explain, I am getting the HU for about 9k The speakers combined for about 8k The plans+wiring=3k The planks have been advised by the installation guys if I want to rear mount the speakers( because of the weight of the speakers), ovals are not...
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    Car & Bike Car Stereo - Help me finalize

    Hi everyboy, I have purchased a Hyundai i10. I am now in the market trying to select a decent stereo system. I need your advise in helping me make the right decision. This is what I have formalized upon: Stereo: Sony MEX - BT4150U Coaxial Speakers...
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    WTB 50mm prime lens

    Budget 3k Camera: Canon Rebel Location: Bangalore
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    WP Nokia Lumia 720 - Discussion Thread

    Quick word on the phone: You can get it off ebay for as low as 16300. The build quality is top notch, exudes premium construction and materials. Though I find the phone a bit slippery to hold. The display is one of the best, don't go by the ppi numbers. Astonishing sunlight legibility, great...
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    Nokia Lumia 720

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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II - N7100

    Price: 28,000 + Shipping (Price Drop) Location: Bangalore 6 Months Warranty Remaining Original Box, original accessories + additional accessories ( worth approx 3K). Flip Cover ( with NFC) 16GB Memory Card Amzer Back Case Scratch Guard The phone is in mint condition ( no scratches or dents )...
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    Audio Skull Candy Ink'd 2 - should I go for these ?

    Thank you dude have been very generous by promptly responding with excellent suggestions
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    Audio Skull Candy Ink'd 2 - should I go for these ?

    Thank you very much dude, your suggestions have been extremely insightful. Quick question - which one would your chose if you are to buy an IEM today, VSONIC or R1 ? And how does the Skull Candy IK'd 2 stack up against these ? - - - Updated - - - Impatience !!!!!!! Purchased the R1's for...
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    Audio Skull Candy Ink'd 2 - should I go for these ?

    I listen to a mix of rock, pop, bollywood, lotsa of Intrumental ( Hans ZImmer fan). Flipkart / ebay .. any other e-shop you would like to suggest ?
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    Audio Skull Candy Ink'd 2 - should I go for these ?

    Hey folks, How good are these ? Skullcandy S2IKDY-144 Ink'd 2 Headset - Skullcandy: Would love something with a Thumping base, non-distorted mid's and high's ( Have previously owned these - Soundmagic PL-11/ 21/ ES18 and the EP630). Are the SK's a better buy ? Any other...
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    Google LG Nexus 4 Pre Order, 8GB - Rs.21728/- & 16GB - Rs.25490/- I have my own thoughts on the Nexus 4, I was very close to replace my gNex(with broken front glass, fell from about 10 feet :( ) with a Nexus4 .. but then I purchased a Galaxy Nexus, for the...