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    Hi people, this is Yogesh

    Welcome to TE
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    Hi all

    Welcome to TE
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    Graphic Cards No display with 9600GT - Needs to be repaired

    Thanks Guys ... I found a way with Rashi. They told me that they would need a bill and they can even take the not listed card on approval basis.
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    Graphic Cards No display with 9600GT - Needs to be repaired

    50 view no replies ... pls help me guys
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    Graphic Cards No display with 9600GT - Needs to be repaired

    My XFX 9600GT works, but I could see no display on the monitor. I had purchased the card from KMD on April 2008, now it has 2 months warranty left. But unfortunately KMD is away from TE (Last Activity 8 Sep 10 06:44 PM ). As it was purchased from the US, I know that Rashi wont be able to help...
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    Coming to India from UK. Let me know if some one needs any thing/help

    I saw this and thought that it might be useful BTW ... which is the cheap and best bandwidth ISP in and around Edinburgh?
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    Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security Genuine Activation Codes

    Interested in Kaspersky Internet Security 2010/2011 (1 User) 1 Year @ 260/- Please PM the payment details.
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    Verbatim 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16Gb microSD SDHC Memory Card Price Update

    I have ordered 16gb through ebay PaisaPay ID 28300918435
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    Mindtree or CTS!

    New Rule in CTS ... need to wait for 1 year. Also more chances to fly if you are senior associate and above, but less for ELT, PT, PAT, PT, A etc.
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    Re: bigshoebazaar 25% off 35% off on all Adidas Shoes PC1005725KLQ Valid today only.
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    Seagate FreeAgent Theatre+ HD MEDIA PLAYER HDMI 1080p Rs 5350/- for TE Members

    Please clarify Medpal point, I am ready to buy this for sure
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    Verbatim DVD+R - Exclusive for TE Members - 50 Pack 550 Shipped !!

    Got the DVD's .... but ebay status still shows to be shipped. Anyways left feedback.
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    Verbatim DVD+R - Exclusive for TE Members - 50 Pack 550 Shipped !!

    Ordered a pack from Ebay Paisapay ID: 27331718454
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    Mobile requirement

    Got LG GB170 with 2 GB Microsd from Univercell for 2260 bucks. I had to compromise on the dual sim, but the mobile pretty much meets my other requirements and lives to it. As I already have EP 830, the sound quality is awesome.
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    Mobile requirement

    ^ thanks ... nice to see 10/10 in performance and feature. Will get this tomm. EDIT: OOPS I mistook dualband for dual sim :), dual sim is my primary requirement. Anyway nice phone
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    Mobile requirement

    ^^ Point is if the security guys see the camera lens on phone, it has to be kept outside office. By disable do you mean change the panel ? I even thought about it, but will check if its possible
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    Mobile requirement

    There were phones from Videocon and Karbonn which was satisfying 1 & 2 of my requirement. Which of these would be reliable in terms of long life (without any hearing / speaking problems)? Also with better battery life There are phones from FLY, LAVA, Micromax.... but these are either extremely...
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    Mobile requirement

    Can any one suggest the best phone for my requirement 1. Should not have camera 2. Should be compatible with Dual Sim (GSM + GSM) 3. Should have 3.5 MM audio jack *** Optional 4. Should support atleast 8 GB Micro SD *** Optional (if option 3 is not available) 5. Better if its a branded one like...
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    CORSAIR - SMPS | Rams - Best Prices !!

    Re: CORSAIR - SMPS | Rams - Best Prices!! ^^ Also PM me the same, but shipping to chennai. Edit: can you list the same on EBay and provide the link, I can get it immediately. (pls include shipping cost to chennai)