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    WTB Apple Pencil 2

    Need to buy Apple Pencil 2. Please reach out with offers
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    WTB Mini PC (Intel NUC or Similar)

    Want to buy a mini PC with following specs 1) Intel Core i3 / i5 processor 2) 16GB RAM 3) 512GB SSD 4) Virtulization Support to run Proxmox
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    Budget 0-20k Mini PC Required

    I need some advice on a mini PC. Following is my requirement 1) Budget:: ~15K (Can stretch upto 18K) 2) Need Virtualization support with Proxmox (or any other). I need to run 2-3 small linux VMs 3) RAM 16GB, SSD 250GB 4) Need to run 24/7 5) Form factor can be of line Dell Optiplex 7040 I have...
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    Importing 1U Server from a Friend in US

    My friend in US has a spare 1U Supermicro server (5019D-4C-FN8TP) and is ready to ship it to me. I guess it is 42% duty on personal imports. Please suggest, how can I reduce the Import Duty on this item?
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    Anyone having Synology NAS Experience in India

    Hi There I have been using public cloud to backup stuff. I have purchased the Microsoft OneDrive Premium plan which gives 1TB storage along with various other perks, but that's limited to my account. Off lately I was thinking to move all the stuff to my home by purchasing a Synology NAS. The...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi There, I am a newbie here. Was searching for some tips over the web landed be here few days ago. Registered today though. I am here to chit chat about networks