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    FS: Networking Compex PS2216 16 Port Switch

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Compex PS2216 16 Port Switch Expected Price: Rs 1000/- Source and Time of Purchase:Sept. 2012 Reason for Sale: Lying unused RMA/Servicing history:Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: Unused, Working condition Purchase Invoice...
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    FS: Others Going cheap Olympus Digicam & Transcend 8GB MP3 Player

    For Sale ! Transcend MP330K 8GB Music Player Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Transcend MP330K Expected Price:Transcend Music Player- Rs.1600/- for single/Rs,3000/- for both Time of Purchase:Transcend MP- * Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty...
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    In Kurla- Wholsale Aquarium fish market?

    Today i was hanging out at crowford market & having look at different fish species for my aquarium. While so i heard some people gossiping-"In Kurla we could have got better & cheap deal" so i'm just wondering if there's any wholesale market for pets/fishes in kurla. if any body knows it pls...
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    How to file complaint against Cable Internet

    Ok, Now I'm completely fed up with the Nautanki of Local Cable Internet Wala & wish not to continue any more. It's more than 90% downtime throughout last 2 months & I can't resist it. There were lot of arguments I asked him to refund amount by deducting usage so far but as usual he don't pay...
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    Best USB Modem & Operator

    This will be my first experience with a USB Modem. Well the Options are many but I want to stick to Rs.1500/- & needed an advise on BEST BANG FOR BUCKS. I will be using it only & only at two places- 1. Dadar, MUMBAI 2. F.C. College Road, J.M.Road, Dhankwadi, PUNE Mostly inside Flat/Society no...
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    WTB Laptop

    Requirement- Based on C2D or 1st/2nd Gen i3 Brands- Any will do except HCL, Wipro etc. Local Purchase/Imported doesn't matter. Purpose- Will be using VMWARE, Photoshop- Basic to Moderate, HD Movies, Other Regular tasks Specific Req.- HDMI, at least 160GB Internal HDD, Battery Bckup- 1.5hrs or...
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    Learn Photoshop- Course or Online Tutorials?

    It's been long time I'm planning to learn Photoshop but couldn't get the time. Now as I started gathering info. there are 'n' numbers of institute offering the course but I shortlisted two according my convenience & fee. First preference was Arena but they do not have course only for...
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    Going for docomo,suggestions pls

    After Hectic experience with Airtel- We temp. switched to MTNL for a while, There isn't any doubt while roaming in remote areas I found Coverage too good, But sadly the Network itself isn't that gr8 in Mumbai...
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    MTNL 3G Experience

    Guys, I'm planning to get MTNL 3G 4500 but my Primary usage will downloading & that too 80gb a month so anyone using MTNL 3G 4500? pls care to share experience with speeds, especially while torrent downloads & Uptime/downtime ratio thanks,
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    Corsair H50

    I am looking for Corsair H50 Location Mumbai
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    CM Vortex Plus

    CM Vortex Plus Location mumbai
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    CM ELite 360

    I'm looking for Elite 360 cabinet location - mumbai
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    Samsung Jet2 8003

    Samsung Jet2 8003 - GT-S8003KKZINU- Samsung Jet | Smarter than Smartphone Samsung S8000 Jet - Full phone specifications Expected Price: Rs 7,000/- No Lowballing Time of Purchase: April 2010 Reason for Sale: Downgrading Product Condition: Excellent Working Condition, Battery Backup Standby...
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    Auzentech Forte 7.1

    For sale is Auzentech Fote 7.1 Sound card Here is Product link- Selling as upgraded Hardware Purchased in June 2010 for Rs.8900/- from THEITDEPOT No Warranty Left Off course but 2days Testing Warranty for Buyer Product condition is...
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    Audio Should I keep Sound card

    Few days ago Bought Asus Direct Cu TOP 450, Pioneer VSX 520K & JBL SCS 140 I heard that GPU is capable of decoding latest DD Tru HD, DTS Master HD & other codecs but could not gather confirmed details about it so do I need to keep my Auzentech Forte card or should i sell it off? Obviously will...
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    Bag It Today offer

    Got the offer from Bag It Today If anybody interested let me know I will place order on Behalf of you & I will update your Address at checkout. Follo. images-
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    Airtel Pissing Us Off

    This is Sh**T service from Airtel. From last 2-3 months we have been charged for Subscribing unwanted services unecessarily. We get sms saying the service activated and u have been charged this n that amount. and when it comes to talking with customer care, simply replied saying u r the one who...
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    DDR2 RAMs

    Item-Transcend 1GB DDR2 800MHZ When Purchased- Last year. Condition- RMEd, Sealed PACK Warranty- Lifetime Image- Price- Rs.660/- Shipped Item- Transcend AXE Ram 2GB(2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Kit DDR2 1066MHZ When Purchased- This Year Condition- Sealed Pack Warranty- Lifetime Image-...
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    P67 Mobo

    Urgent requirement of P67 mobo pls don't offer basic or intel ones budget >8k location- mumbai
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    core i3 SB

    need core i3 SB 2100 should be in warranty bundle offer with cooler are welcome location mumbai pls PM ur offers