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    43 Inch UHD TV - acer

    Bases on the specs, it is very good at that price, you can go for it. It seems like a HQ VA panel based Wide color gamut and HDR10+ and brightness levels. It should be near equivalent to IPS panels.
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    WTB Windows 10 or 11 custom themes

    get Rainmeter?
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    Suggest a reliable router

    Buy any tplink in your budget, since this is a ethernet connection there won't be any reliability issues, most of the disconnects happen because of providers end and people blame the routers :D but yeah sometimes router do end up bad but you will know this in 1st day of use so you can send for...
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    WTB 120/240 gig SSD

    check out
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    Recommendation for Game Development Courses

    Just dropping it here eg. If your aim is just to learn, you can do it without any paid courses, besides UE5 is very new, but if the paid options allow career progression then it might be ok.
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    Good 32 inch TV?

    this but 40 incher should be much better
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    Anyone with experience with Amazon Basics 43" 4K tv or Mi 4x 43" 4k tv?

    I got it in 25k during last sale, During offers, you should easily get it around 26-27K, currently it is 28k with hdfc offer. Panel is clear and superbright. IPS grade. I only use it with Plex but smart tv exp is alright, it has ok google instead of alexa. Amazon basics one seems good too based...
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    Anyone with experience with Amazon Basics 43" 4K tv or Mi 4x 43" 4k tv?

    get the Realme 4k TV with Dolby Vision, no competition. I have one.
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    Budget 21-30k Basic Office PC i3 or equivalent

    why not this
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    My Laptop runs excruciatingly slow

    2) Yes, buy SSD and clone your hdd on it. RAM upgrade not needed.
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    Sapphire RMA support | Cautionary tale

    Are you sure you are getting 3 year warranty? confirmed? Sapphire is very shady, most card sold with three year warranty (Primabgb will play deliberate dumb) but in actual they had 2 year warranty when you go for warranty. This ****up is in India only. See here 2 year warranty...
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    What Investment mistakes you made that you want others to avoid?

    Zero returns or FD returns are better then negative returns as the newbies will sooner or later understand. Now imagine inflation + negative market returns. Market is full of vultures, all after the small guy money (this is my take away after 10 years in market). Nearly all companies cook the...
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    WTB RTX 3070

    Full payment received, will ship and share details soon.
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    Budget 0-20k Suggest a good 22 inch Monitor under 10K

    Prices have increased, so I say 8.5. I bought in oct 2020 for 7.5K + emi interest. Yes, it has both side by side and pip, switching can be done via joystick at bottom or LG monitor software very quickly. Best part is power consumption ~10 watts at appropriate brightness and max 17 watts.
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    Budget 0-20k Suggest a good 22 inch Monitor under 10K

    I have this one LG 22MK600M This is very good if you can get in a deal. Can also sell it for a good price as I have been thinking to go for 144hz monitor. Delhi nearby only though.
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    Audio Setup for Living Room under 20k

    I have these running these with cheap tpa3116 + tube amp, cost below 20k back when ebay was a thing, speaker alone were 15k...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD Rs 7.1K
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    CPU/Mobo Repairing a zotac mini pc ... help

    Assume start button is faulty, check the pins where it is connected and short them directly to boot. More thing to try: clear cmos by shorting cmos pins. Remove and reseat cpu.
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Asetek 645LT 92mm AIO and miscellaneous effects

    Received courier in good condition. Wasn't able to test them yet. Will test within 1-2 days and leave feedback.
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    Horror movie recommendations

    1408 Drag me to hell Don't watch their trailers.