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    MX Master 2S Mouse feet/ skates replacement

    I have a MX Master 2S out of the warranty period. As the gesture button was stuck, I had to remove the mouse feet to access the screws to repair it. Now the gesture button is working fine but the mouse skates are no more. it got destroyed in the process. Now I am looking for mouse feet...
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    Cat 6 Cable speed limited to 100Mbps

    I have 2 Deco M4s. One in ground floor and another in first floor. I have ran Cat 6 cable (25 meters in total length) between the 2. However the speed is limited to 92-93 Mbps and I am not sure what to do. Both the Deco's have gigabit ethernet and cat 6 specs says it supports Gigabit ethernet...
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    Need advise on buying extended warranty for Oled TV

    Hello... I recently bought a LG C1 55" OLED TV. Manufacturer warranty is for 3 years and planning to take extended warranty for 4th and 5th year. LG is quoting 41300 while onsite go is quoting 16500. 1. Anybody has experience with LG or onsite go or other third party warranty services?. 2. Is...
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    Struggling to find USB C hub supporting Dual monitor

    Looking for usb c hub supporting the below configurations. I started looking for usb c hubs to make a single wire connection to the laptop instead of connecting each monitor wire and usb peripherals separately. Unfortunately, I couldnt find any usb c hub around 10k supporting the below...
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    Need advice on Buying LG Oled TV

    Hello. I am planning to buy the below model of the LG Oled TV 4k 55 Inches. Looking for opinions on 1. whether this TV has good HDR capabilities 2. IO compatibility 3. OLED screen burn in issues 4. other brand TVs around this budget (1 to 1.3 Lacs)...
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    FS: Others Taj Vouchers for 10k and 5k

    Posting for sale 2 Taj vouchers for the value of Rs.10000 and Rs.5000. The voucher can be redeemed at the time of reservation of room in the following websites: or email to At the time of reservation...
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    LG 27GL850-B HDMI works only at 60hz

    i need some help in figuring out what is the supported modes for HDMI port. i am running a cable from laptop USB C port to monitor HDMI port. Max supported resolution comes to 1440p 60Hz. not able to set to 1440p 120hz. i am using the below cable...
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    ACT Fibernet in Chennai

    Anybody has experience with ACT Fibernet in Chennai?. Need to know how is the - Downtime - Latency for gaming - achieving the promised speed? Please help.
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    FS: Others Garmin Venu Smartwatch

    Selling my 7 months old Garmin Venu Smartwatch. No scratches no dents. Both side buttons work flawlessly. Comes with the charger cable, 2 ACM straps which was bought separately and the standard strap provided by Garmin. Bump
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    PC Peripherals Keyboard buying advice

    Currently I have HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Cherry MX Red keys. It feels great for gaming but very inaccurate for typing. I also own M1 MacBook and I felt I am very accurate with that MacBook keyboard and feels good while typing. I want to buy a keyboard which works with windows and feels...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

    Selling my Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Amazon link for the product: G402
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    FS: Networking TP-Link RE200 AC750 Wifi Range Extender V3

    Selling my TP-Link RE200 AC750 Wifi Range Extender V3 TP Link website link for product: TP-Link RE200 Does not have OneMesh functionality
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    FS: Networking TP-Link Archer C1200 Router

    Selling my TP-Link. C1200 wireless router Amazon link for the product: Archer c1200 unable to upload Amazon invoice due to size of file beyond the limit Bump
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    PC Peripherals Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

    Planning to buy Logitech G pro mouse from US through a friend. Does Logitech offer warranty in India for products bought in US? Are there any other gaming mouse brands which does?
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    Anyone know the cost of replacing a battery for IPhone 11 128GB model from the authorised service centre?
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    Budget 0-20k Need advice on USB Hub

    I have a laptop and PC. I use wired keyboard and mouse. I connect the laptop to the PC monitor via HDMI and the PC to Monitor via Display Port. Need a good USB hub which has HDMI and 3 USB 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet to switch keyboard and mouse easily to desktop. Laptop has USB C PD port...
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    WTB Need i7 9700k

    Ping me with best price
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    Other Mobile phone prices and depreciation in values ?

    amazon price for new mobile is 131900. phones depreciate 20% within a month of buying. now its 8 months old and hence it would consider a 40% reduction in the price. 80k would be appropriate for this mobile now.
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    WTB Display Port cable 1.2

    looking to buy Display Port cable 1.2
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    WTB RTX 2080 Super

    Want a RTX 2080 Super. PM me with offers