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    Indus Pride is an alcoholic drink. How are they allowed to advertise?

    Well, Indus Pride is an alcoholic drink. How is it that they are allowed to directly market their product? Usually no alcoholic beverage is allowed to directly market. That is why we have Seagrams Royal Stag Music CDs, Kingfisher Bottled water, etc.... Can anyone throw any light on this?
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    I've got the pomaceous fruit of the tree. I enter the Malus domestica world.

    Without further ado, pics. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Damages? 3,000 Singapore dollars. Official Vote of thanks: To Sunnyboi who...
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    Discounts on Apple Macbook pro?

    I'm planning to buy a macbook pro. When I spoke to one of the sales execs on the phone, he told me there were no discounts. Not even student discounts. Any idea as to where I can get some discounts?
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    Car & Bike Do you like the music played on Top Gear?

    Well, here's your chance to know the names of all those lovely songs playing in the background. My current favourites: All these three songs are played during the...
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    Survey on use of plastic bags in Supermarkets

    Guys, A friend of mine is conducting a survey for her MSc course. It would be really nice of you guys to fill in this DOC file and upload it again for me to download. Regards Nikhil
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    Friend looking for a job change. Any help will be appreciated

    A friend is currently working with Indian Oil Tanking. In his own words, he is looking for 1. An R&D career in an Instrumentation Based company which include instrument manufacturers or deal with automation system. 2. The other line I'm ready to consider is one of the automation...
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    How feasible is tracking service engineers though GPS?

    My dad has this idea to install GPS trackers in the toolkits we give to our service engineers. This way we can track them any time of the day. Many of them disappear for hours on end saying they are going to some customer's place but we know it shouldnt take them so long. We would like to...
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    Banker caught ogling underwear models

    Video - Breaking News Videos from
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    20 years since all hell broke loose.

    The night from hell, 20 years later: India News
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    Car & Bike Auto Expo 2010

    Auto Expo is happening in Delhi, at Pragati Maidan as usual. How many of you guys plan to visit this time? Lots of exciting stuff as usual. The only damp squib was 2006 Auto Expo I think. If you guys plan to go, when exactly do you plan to go? My suggestion: Get a business visitor pass by...
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    Can someone explain WHY some people want a Telangana state?

    I'm aware of the history. From whatever I've read, there doesnt seem to be any difference between AP and Telangana. The Telanganas anyway speak Telugu. The language of AP is also Telugu. So, it doesnt seem to be a typical separate state for a language thing. Why are people so desperate to...
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    Nikhil's awesome book thread

    Similar to Chiron's awesome movie thread here... Let's keep this thread mainly for reviews rather than discussions. We can always have a separate thread for discussions. My first review: A fine balance --- by...
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    Delhi's Historical tour

    So, I'm coming in Jan for the Auto Expo. I also want to spend about 3 days exploring Delhi. Dont get me wrong, I've been to the Qutb Minar, Red Fort, etc...etc... But it was many many years ago and I would love to visit some of these historical places again. Also, my knowledge about Delhi's...
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    Storage Solutions Need a new optical drive.

    My old BenQ 1650 is finally dying. It keeps opening and closing as if some phantom is operating the system. It's started to leave some very bad scratches on the DVDs which are being used. I need a new DVD writer. I would frankly prefer to stick to the usual DVD+/-/DL writer. Dont want to spend...
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    Unable to log in to Yahoo or Windows Live Messenger

    I know it's due to some ports issue. It was working fine till a couple of days ago when the router kinda hung. Internet stopped wrking. I reset the router and since then Yahoo and Windows Live messenger havent worked. On Windows Live Messenger, in the troubleshooting section, they have a...
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    Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani a.k.a Katrina Kaif

    One thing for sure is that this movie doesnt have a story. It's kinda like one of those aimless TV shows which dont have a specific plot, but by the finale of the last season, everything clears up. We watched this movie today at PVR Gold Class! Paid 750/- freaking bucks for the ticket and no...
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    Help! Piratebay torrents are not working

    My cousin in Delhi is using an Airtel unlimited connection. All torrents work fine except the ones from piratebay. the website however opens up without any problems. What could the problem be?
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    Need new router for my house. Range is most important. Next is NAS and Speed

    Guys, I need a new router. We currently have a D-Link DL 624+. It's old and range is not great. It's kept on the third floor of our 2400 sq foot house. It's pretty much in the top left corner of our house and the bottom right corner of our house(which is where our dining table is) is not...
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    Got new SE C905 and now videos dont stream!

    Grrr..... this angers me. I've done a lot of googling. There doesnt seem to be a proper solution at all. Anyone here with personal experience? Problem is like this: I download the youtube application or access youtube through Opera Mini(or the built in browser). I finally select a video I...
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    Guess Who's (not) back!?!?!

    Schumi! Yes. It's confirmed. He'll be back in the seat of a Ferrari!! :D