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    WTB DDR2 PC2 Ram needed

    DDR2 PC2 Ram needed , dual for a old PC to get it running .
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    WTB Need DDR2 2 GB or 4GB Kits.

    Need DDR2 PC2-6400 rams for my Abit IP 35 Pro . Need 2 X 2 GB = 4GB kits OR Need 2 x 4GB = 8GB kits . Let me know your offers. The following are compatible list with my MOBO . ####################################### Corsair 2GB Dominator DDR2 PC2-8500 (2x2GB) CAS5 Corsair 4GB XMS2 DHX DDR2...
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    Storage Solutions Where to store memorable data?

    Can SSD hard drives ever go bad ? Is it better to RAID 1 , 2 normal HDDs or 2 SSDs ?
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    BSNL Broadband FUP redirects all HTTP traffic

    I am on unlimited plan , but from yesterday ,even though my 15 Gb limit is not reached ,none of the torrents give more than 2o KB/s . But a file downloader can pull more than 400KB/s . Is BSNL throttling torrents speeds ? . This is in Bangalore .
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    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    By using this firmware (DD-WRT) , Can this router be used a Load Balancing router ,like receiving internet from BSNL modem and other from USB dongle , download simultaneously from 2 different sources and do a switch over when one of them fails ?
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    The Fitness Thread !

    They look deliciously good :) . Want . Where did you order the plates from , are they rubber or plastic ? Link please . Also the holes in the plates ,looks bigger, what diameter are the holes ?
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    FS: Home Audio Video WDTV Gen1

    Can this be connected to a TV with Red ,yellow and white inputs ( components ) ? . Interested . Is this similar to ? =
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    PC Peripherals Anybody got Dell U2414H ?

    Anybody got Dell U2414H here ?
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    [GO] HMT Pilot - Mechanical watch with White dial and Blue hands

    Payment made for one watch . Thanks for organizing .
  10. N Now Offering Free Shipping To India & Singapore For Orders Above $125

    It is safe to buy Nexus 7 2013 ( 32 GB ) model from Amazon global. Its coming to 16 K + import and taxes . Is it worth it ? .
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    Car & Bike KTM Duke 390 Launched !

    Got it around a month back . Its wonderful :D .
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    Nexus 5 in the House!

    Congrats for phone . Looks deadly .If I did not had nexus 4 ,this was the phone to get . Link for the charger please . Also could you test how long does it take charge on pad ,compared to direct charging . OT : Can some one confirm if Nokia DT900 Wireless Charger works with Nexus 4 . Edit...
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    Flipkart's Diwali Cyber Sale

    Yes. There was a lens yesterday at 4500rs , the same today is 5000 . 500 Rs increase .
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    [GO] 18mm NATO/ZULU watch straps for HMT

    Need one more ,so One Blue and Yellow X1 Blue, Red and white X1 Payment Made for 2 straps + shipping . Please confirm .
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    Bought my first car!

    Congrats , black is beautiful . Drive safe .
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    [GO] 18mm NATO/ZULU watch straps for HMT

    One Blue and Yellow strap please . Please update excel sheet on my behalf .I cannot do it now .
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    How to sell the dematerialised shares in ICICI

    It takes T(trading day) + 2 business days to come into account .
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    Car & Bike Yamaha R6- Buy or No Buy

    Its like one of those Nigeria and lottery mails . I am surprised ,you even asked for opinion . Glad you did .
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    How harmful is a cellular tower near your residence?

    It does not kill instantly , it will be slow death - CANCER .