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    FS: Consoles xbox 360 wireless controller - excellent condition

    This controller belonged to a friend who lost it in his home long time back and he found it last week, I am the new owner and looking to sell it for 1500 else if some1 wants to trade it with a wired xbox360 controller + 1 xbox360 PAL game. Regards Rahul
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    FS: Consoles Ps vita wifi only

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: PS VITA WIFI ONLY Expected Price: Rs 14,000/- or open for trading with +/- cash, Ppl who are offloading any tablet like blackberry playbook/hp touchpad/ chinese tablet with 1ghtz processor+ 1GB RAM running ICS, PS3, + pm me any trading...
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    WTB tablet(any good android/apple tablet)

    Hi, I am looking for a tablet and looking to trade with a like new ps vita wifi only in box with complete packaging, vita has been played a 5-6 times(not more than 10 hours) and in a like new condition, according to the table i will do a +/- cash, let me know if some1 is interested in this...
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    ipad 1 /apd 2

    hi all, PS : sorry abt the header , i am looking to buy ipad 1 or ipad 2 i am looking to buy an ipad , please pm me your offers. please help with the following query: i have a query could we use the official ipad 1 black case with the ipad 2? Thanks macfreak
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    iphone 2G/3G/3GS (excellent condition with BILL)

    Hi , Please pm me your offers. Thanks Mac_freak
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    Homemade Ps JB

    Hi , Well after several reuests to open my thread unheard I am opening this one ... So finally I am intending to offer some PS3 JB's. Pm me for more details. Pic: Video : YouTube - MOV01683.MPG New Pic With BTL option(check the switch) ...
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    Homemade Ps3 JB

    Hi , So finally I am intending to offer some PS3 JB's ( Lightning fast shipping from this weekend onwards) Pm me for more details. Pic: Video : UPDATE : 1) Guys my patience has paid off the dongle...
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    urgent : mtnl dns settings please

    Hi , I am in delhi and I want to the dns ip of mtnl , currently I have set it up as obtained automatically , please help Regards Mac_freak
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    mario kart wii online

    any1 up for mario kart wii live? Regards Rahul
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    Audio How to fix the earplugs which are gone bad with wire cuts

    Hi All , I have lots of good quality earplugs which are gone bad near the audio jack with wire cuts down at the bottom(near audio jack itself) ,, could some1 help me with this .. Thanks Rahul
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    sandisk sansa lip+ (black colour) 2GB

    Looking for sandisk sansa lip+ (black colour) 2GB in good condition. Location : Delhi.
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    2.1 speakers altec lansing or any other good ones

    Hi All, Looking to buy a 2.1 speaker set like altec lansing 4121 ,, Please let me know in case some1 is selling in good condition. Thanks mac_freak
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    earphone extender(good quality)

    Hi , I am looking to buy a good quality earphone extender(light in size) , I am attaching a pic for reference , In case some1 knows where to find these please let me know or if some1 has it lieing idle he may contact me. Thanks Mac_freak pic : Uploaded with
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    PAYPAL funds - Need help buying from FocalPrice

    Hi , I need to buy a product on , Any1 interested in making a payment on my behalf can contact me (I can do an online bank transfer in exchange of the funds). Thanks Mac_freak
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    PSP PHAT/2k/3K

    Hi , Looking for PSP PHAT/2k/3K that can be modded in good condition. Please pm me your offers
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    wii autoboot modchip (wasabidx/drivekey/any other)

    My cousin bricked her wii and I need to go all that pain duhhh, Any1 selling any autoboot modchips please get back to me , any sought of help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    2.5 IDE LAPTOP HDD min 40gb

    I am from Delhi , please pm me your offers.
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    super smash bros brawl wii ntsc U

    Hi, Looking to buy super smash bros brawl wii original ntsc-U game. Open to offers by PM , I am from Delhi. thanks Rahul
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    iomega 500 gb HDMI player and Nintendo wii

    Hi , I am sellling my iomega hdmi 500 gb player. Reason for sale : I bought it for my mom and the interface is kinda difficult for her. Price : 4500 condition is NEW(used for 15 mins) and includes all acc. shipping : no shipping , Only local pickup (contact me for out station shipping) warranty...
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    Dvi to hdmi adapter

    Hi , I have a MAC mini and I would want it to connect to my lcd through HDMI , Now i have bought the cable from livewire(LG hdmi cable) and now looking fwd to buy DVI(24+5) TO HDMI(female) connector ,Please get back to me for suggestions(if its available sumwhere else) or if sum1 is already...