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    LeEco fires 85% staff of Indian unit, may exit India

    In November, Jia Yueting had written an email to employees saying the firm had burnt cash too quickly as it expanded into businesses ranging from smartphones to driverless cars. The founder had acknowledged its global expansion strategy went too far in the face of limited capital and resources...
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    Which software to create such realistic images?
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    Nigerian model scam asking donation for child surgery

    Sister received a mail and call asking for donation Also it has 2 more attachments like child face and docter or person letter. I did a check here I wanted to know how can one easily tracked such bogus attempt. For me it was...
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    What is this song in the Renault Lodgy advertisement?

    Sorry to bump but what about this song Renault lodgy ad one...which it is?
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    MTNL Mumbai revises landline broadband charges

    Details here. Also note 14% S.T on revision
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    Inverter suggestion

    Well i am asking it for a family who stays in Mumbai. Though power cut doesnt happens here.But now the family has a person who has suffered paralytic stroke and is bed ridden.Hence the family needs one machine which can provide backup for fan,air bed and suction machine as well a 1-2 light.F...
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    Suggestion about book library having spiritual books in Mumbai

    One of my friend is into meditation and all.And loves to work on it. She wish to get get some books around 10-12 for personal knowledge purpose but since all are foreign authors each book cost around 750+. Her family is not supporting in this endeavor of her and she is not on job right now.So...
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    FS: Storage Hardware NEW Recertified 1.5Tb Western Digital green HDD

    Product Name: Western Digital 1.5tb EARS Green Re-certify internal disc Expected Price: Rs 3000 Shipping charges: Only in Mumbai Reason for Sale: Have migrated to high capacity Product condition: 10 out of 10 in looks.Havent tried its sealed Purchase Date:Cant recall ..Will search for invoice...
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    Storage Solutions WD RMA creating trouble

    I am trying to create a RMA for WD 1.5tb disc. But i am just not able to create one.EIther i get this message. Or if i retype my address again i get address error. (Note the two address selection automically shows once i try...
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    Medicines at concessional rate for a needy family?

    Well i know a family where the lady suffers from kidney trouble.Monthly she needs to take 3 injections of Erythropoietin(10000 iu) (Generic name)(Its a very high dosage) plus atleast 8 oral medicine daily.Its almost 4000 to 5000 medical expense.But family earns around 8000 .They take Vintor...
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    Home interior forum?

    Just like tech enclave where discussion regarding small fan to huge rig are discussed.Are there any interior forum specifically related to Indian market? Like i wanted to do interior of my place but am total noob regarding false ceiling ,lighting,good but cheaper bathroom fittings,idea related...
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    SBI account holders need help

    Well i have 3 sbi family accounts and i just noticed than for all accounts they have deducted 168.54 rupees as annual atm card charges each. I have international debit cum shopper card. On SBI site i see annual charges as 102.But in my case it looks like they have charges me 150 + service tax...
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    Storage Solutions WD BLACK/RED Or Seagate Internal HDD(2tb or 3 tb)

    Well finally one of my hdd died a day ago. Unfortunately it was my dumping drive and the biggest one 1.5tb. I cant recall when i bought this but it states recertified and surely it looks like 1tb old drive was rma and i got this.Unfortunately that bill doesnt carry much details about drive...
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    Intel hd4000 onboard driver and hdmi incompatibility

    I have changed my system to intel 3570k with asus maximux v gene board and using corsaiir vengeance ram. Now coming to the exact issue. Using windows 7 X64 SP 1 all updates updated excluding the chipset driver. As soon as i update it and enable it the systems fails to detect hdmi and screen...
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    OCZ gets offer from Toshiba to buy assets in bankruptcy sale

    Solid-state hard drive maker OCZ Technology Group Inc said it had received an offer from Toshiba Corp to buy the company in a planned bankruptcy proceeding. OCZ shares tumbled as much as 80 percent on Wednesday after trading of the stock resumed on the Nasdaq. The stock had fallen 69 percent so...
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    United and Chelsea chase ‘Snow Messi’ (aged 8) A new Argentine wonderkid dubbed ‘the Snow Messi’ is reportedly on the radar of Manchester United and Chelsea. Claudio Gabriel Nancufil, aged eight, has been making waves with...
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    Ipad 5 @Ipad Air Launch details

    Dont know how and why a thread wasn't created yet All details are on this link
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    PC Peripherals Suggest HDMI cable

    I am changing my setup and all of a sudden HDMI cable has become a must as i plan to buy GFX card later. I read articles that cheaper hdmi cables do the same work as the expensive one. But still any particular brand which i need to buy and within which range should i buy one? Connection point is...
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    MTNL Mumbai quietly shifts DSL unlimit 450 plan to 512kbps all time

    Well finally MTNL is plugging its loophole.This plan used to give 1 mbps speed from 6pm till morning 7 am.And monthly i used to download around 60-80gb with this plan. But today i found my speed to be much less on checking i found from this month the plan has been made to 512kbps all time...
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    How good are timex watches?

    Well i have a habit to wear some geeky or funky type watches. When fastrack launched its digital fastrack i bought it.Than Nike .And than i like The one kerala trance but its not source here. Now i am totally sold on this Timex watch. Timex Expedition WS4...