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    Budget 10-15K Decent Android phone

    Hi Guys, Looking for a decent Android phone. Overall performer with strong wifi connectivity.. Pls pour in ur valuable inputs. Wanna get it ordered today itself . thanks!!
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 6 16 GB GOLD

    Hi, Selling iPhone 6 16 GB GOLD on behalf of a good friend.. Phone is in pristine condition.. Includes all accessories that came in the box.. Phone is used for ~ 3 months, other accessories remains unused ( Box packed ). PM me if interested.. thanks
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 5S GOLD

    Selling my iphone 5S GOLD as upgraded to iphone 6. Interested buyers , PM me. Manufacturer page URL:- No negotiations pls. Say NO to shipping. Mumbai buyers preferred. thanks :)
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    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 820

    Selling Lumia 820 on behalf of a friend.. Kindly PM me if interested.. Looking for a quick sale. thanks!!
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    WTB Used Mobo+CPU combo

    Looking for a used motherboard + CPU combo.. PM me ur offers.. Mumbai sellers preferred..thanks!!
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    WTB Socket 775 motherboard

    Looking for a used Socket 775 motherboard. Hit me with ur offers... thanks!!
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    WTB 80 / 160 GB Sata HDD

    Looking for a used 80 /160 SATA Hdds.. Hit me with ur Offers.
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Arctic MX-4

    Looking forward to sell my Arctic MX-4 ( 1 time used) as its lying unused since ages ( Say NO to desktop :P) Interested guys PM me .. thanks
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    FS: Mobile Used Iphone 5 ( Black )

    Want to sell off my Iphone 5 16 GB Onbehalf of a friend)..Looking for a Quick Sale.. Accessories available : Phone and Adapter Looking for a Quick Sale.. thanks!!
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    FS: Headphone Sansa Clip Zip(4 GB) + SA C12

    Product Name: Sansa Clip Zip , Signature Acoustics C-12 Expected Price: 4k ( for both ) Shipping Charges: Prefer Local buyers Manufacturer Page URL: Reason for Sale: Not using them anymore. Product Condition: 9/10 (Buyer can...
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    Other Budget phone under 9k (Urgent)

    Guys, looking for a budget phone for a friend, , budget is strict 9k..Pls pour in your suggestions.. thanks!!
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    FS: Mobile Brand new Nokia Lumia 720

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Nokia Lumia 720 Expected Price: Rs 13,500/- Time of Purchase: 06-07-2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes (Full warranty) Reason for Sale: Money Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition...
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    CPU/Mobo Mobo to pair with an i5 4430 cpu

    Hi guys, Looking for a new motherboard to pair with an i5 4430 cpu.. Budget is around 8k..Eying at : ASUS B85M-G, Asus H87M-E Strict NO to Overclocking, will be adding a good GFX card for gaming.. Pls suggest accordingly..thanks!!
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    WTB i7 cpu + mobo

    Looking for a used cpu + mobo.. Preferably looking for a i7 based cpu and a mobo.. Hit me with your offers..Looking for a quick deal :) Located at Mumbai..thanks!!
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    WTB Wireless router - ASUS N13U B1

    Looking for a wireless router for my home especially the ASUS N13U B1. Hit me with your offers :) thanks!!
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    Camera Camera under $400

    Guys, Looking for a good deal on Cameras..My Budget is ~400$ ..Can stretch it a bit.. Pls suggest me a good DSLR Camera. For now , I am looking for a refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T3i
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    WTB Logitech Z5500 and the likes

    Looking for a used logitech Z5500 5.1 speakers.. PM me ur offers.. Mumbai sellers preferred...thanks!!
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    Budget 20-25K Looking to buy a Nexus 4

    Hi Guys, Looking forward to buy a Nexus 4.. Nexus owners, pls pour in some suggestions on the same..Is it worth the buy, or if there's any better alternative to go for.. Awaiting for ur inputs..thanks!!
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    Video 32" LED TV - Budget ~35k

    32" LED TV - Budget ~35k Pls help me with ur Inputs..Will mostly pair a Videocon DTH with it.. Suggestions are welcome & appreciated:)
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    FS: Desktops Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers + 8800 GT + Asus P5Q-E

    Hi, Looking for quick sale for below listed items : 1. Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers : ~ 3 yrs old, absolute mint condition..No scratches whatsoever..Price : 1.6k 2. Dead 8800 GT : Price : 500 rs 3. Dead Asus P5Q-E motherboard..Price 300 rs.. Product location is Mumbai and nothing is going...