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  1. Aces170

    Android Moto X

    GSM arena has posted a review of the phone. The phone looks to be a good overall performer with a better than average screen and camera. At $300 it would be a nice phone for the price despite some overlap with Nexus 4. Unfortunately does not seem like the phone will be released outside US.
  2. Aces170

    Audio Not so expensive speakers for TV

    Any suggestion for speakers in 2-3k range for a LCD TV. The speakers might be primarily be connected to Airtel's DTH box or a PS3, so would like something with adequate input options.
  3. Aces170

    Any good sync music apps for Android?

    Is there any app for syncing music in Android with other devices. I generally dont have much music on my phone, as I find it a little tiring sorting songs and putting in the phone. However my bro does that exactly, :bleh: is there anyway where I can copy the music syng he has done onto my phone...
  4. Aces170

    Torchlight II - Discussion thread

    Am surprised I could not find a discussion thread for this. Liked the original game, love the second version. After a long time I actually spent 4-5 hrs of continuous gaming time!!
  5. Aces170

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD shipped to India

    Has anyone bought this shipped to India? usually does ship electronic products to India, have actually ordered a 15 kgs iron press from there without issues. Was just wondering if anyone has bought the kindle fire hd version from there?
  6. Aces170

    LG Optimus 4X thread

    I did not find any thread hence starting this. The GSM arena review was out a few days back: LG Optimus 4X HD P880 review: Firing on all fours - Battery life is good, design is better than average, and screen is good. Performance however lags behind S3, and One S. Hopefully the...
  7. Aces170

    Cheap place to buy dumb-bells

    The rainy season plays havoc with my outdoor jogging. So thought to buy some dumb bells just to be physically active. The sports stores in Mumbai quotes me the lowest of Rs 100 per kg for dumb-bells. I was looking for a pair of 7.5, 10, and 12.5 kg dumb bells along with a flat bench (Rs 5500)...
  8. Aces170

    PC Peripherals Which mouse to buy?

    So my MX 518's right click has stopped working. Have absolutely no clue on which are good VFM mouse at present, I liked MX 518's body, how is Microsoft Sidewinder X5, or is IE 3 a better bet? Razer products had high failure rates last I heard, have they improved now?
  9. Aces170

    Best game of 2011

    Let the fan wars begin. For me it was Skyrim by a long shot. I had almost given up on gaming as somehow they just did not entice me or engross me as in my school/college days. I was afraid my once main source of entertainment was dying inside me :P Then comes Skyrim, and the addiction is back...
  10. Aces170

    Graphic Cards Graphic card performance in BF3

    Techreport has a very nice article discussing the graphic card performance in BF3. They have a very nice method of judging performance: Today's mid-range GPUs in Battlefield 3 - The Tech Report - Page 1 So although AMD and Nvidia cards would be spewing similar average FPS, spikes on AMD cards...
  11. Aces170

    Tune into AUS vs SA test

    Topic for some entertainment :P
  12. Aces170

    CPU/Mobo AMD announced massive layoffs

    AMD guts PR team; move portends more changes - The Tech Report AMD to cut 1,400 workers, new CEO's first big move - Yahoo! Finance The article suggest AMD's failure in the non-PC market as a reason. That and the slowed growth in the PC market. Its very clear where the focus of the company is...
  13. Aces170

    PC Peripherals Mousepad suggestion

    So my not so old Rantopad is coming apart. I need a cloth mouse pad (unfortunately earlier I used to get those velvet mouse pads which are not available in Lamington road). I am absolutely dismayed by Rantopad's quality, the mouse pad has started chipping off, the rubber is sticking to my desk...
  14. Aces170

    Linux Suggest a distro

    Pardon me if you guys are sick of the topic but... Hehe, this has become a routine for me now every year. I will try to use Linux before it crashes my system. Well its that time of the year :P again. What I want: 1. Ease of installation 2. Out of the box support for AMD HD 4850, and Sandy...
  15. Aces170

    CPU/Mobo Z68 board selection

    So my wait for BD was a disaster. I have decided to go for a i5 2400 (not gonna oc). However I was not impressed by H67 boards, hence decided to stick to Z68 boards. I have shortlisted P8Z68-M PRO As I need USB 3...
  16. Aces170

    Budget hotel in Chandigarh

    A couple of friends and me are planning to stop-over for a night in Chandigarh, before moving on to Dharamshala. Can locals suggest some decent hotel at a budget of INR 2-2.5k per room?
  17. Aces170


    A nice site to get your 'Hinglish' and Indian urban slang right :) Samosapedia : The definitive guide to South Asian Lingo
  18. Aces170

    Group order for this?

    Green Laser Pointer 1 Watt | S3 Krypton | Spyder III | Wicked Lasers Now seriously, would this be allowed in India? :P
  19. Aces170

    PC Peripherals Nettops availibity in India

    Do we get Zotac's nettop in India? Zotac's Zbox Nano AD10 Plus nettop - The Tech Report - Page 1 Or are there any other alternatives in the "cheap" price range?
  20. Aces170

    CPU/Mobo Motherboard for i5-2500K

    So finally my system conks for good. PSU and mobo out, thankfully PSU (VX450 was in warranty), so I thought of doing a CPU+Mobo+RAm upgrade. Let me know your suggestions for motherboard, I am not looking at something very fancy, would be largely running the CPU at stock speeds. I do require USB...