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  1. AsidXxx

    Audio Acoustic Engineer in Mumbai

    Folks, Need help with an acoustics engineer who can consult with the setting up of the sound system in a cafe. Please refer if you know of someone like that. TIA!
  2. AsidXxx

    Network H/W, ISP and Config

    Hi folks! A friend of mine is opening a cafe and needs help with ISP selection, network h/w and related configuration. He wants the Internet access to be open (socmed sites, regular browsing, streaming sites Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion) for guests (except pron sites/illegal domains ofcourse). I...
  3. AsidXxx

    WTB Used MacBook Air in Good Condition

    Hi folks, Looking to buy an MBA 13" for a friend. Not older than 2/3 years. Budget is 25k. PM/post your offers. TIA!
  4. AsidXxx

    Android Nexus 4 Power Button Issue

    So my N4 developed the power button issue. Bit of a dampener since I am a Nexus loyalist :( Where can I get it repaired/replaced quickly like in a few hours or so in Mumbai (suburbs preferred)? Also, what would be the cost?
  5. AsidXxx

    Anyone here who had their Asus N13u RMAd in Mumbai?

    It seems I received a DOA piece way back in November '13. Believed that I was the one not able to configure it. Anyone here who had their N13u RMAd in Mumbai?
  6. AsidXxx

    Storage Solutions Laptop HDD Can't Be Detected

    So I ran into this pxerom or something can't be detected error while booting up, which basically translates to a busted HDD. It was my office laptop and understandably all of my data was on it. The HDD has been replaced since it was within warranty, but I'd like to recover my data. A friend of...
  7. AsidXxx

    FS: Others German study material

    Lunch or beer.
  8. AsidXxx

    FS: RAM Nanya 512MB laptop RAM module

    Beer/lunch or nothing at all.
  9. AsidXxx

    FS: Others HMT Pilot Watch with White Dial, NATO Black Strap

    Mint, used it for the first two months. Get around 32-35 hours on one winding.
  10. AsidXxx

    FS: Consoles PS3 Move Kit

    Accessories Included: Original box, manual, charger cable, Move Eye cable, controller and Move Eye
  11. AsidXxx

    FS: Tablet Penta IS701R tablet

    Mint condition. Only problem is when it discharges completely, it doesn't charge and the sole option is to go back to the service center. They said its a firmware issue so no idea if its fixed in later versions.
  12. AsidXxx

    FS: Others Lego Technic 4X4 Crawler Model 9398

    Mint condition, have kept everything, even the plastic bags that the pieces come in. You can see it in action before you purchase.
  13. AsidXxx

    FS: Networking Asus RT N13U B1 Wi-Fi Router

    Accessories Included: Original box, manual, AC adapter, driver CD, LAN cable
  14. AsidXxx

    FS: Mobile Nexus 4 16GB + OEM Bumper Case

    Phone is in top condition since used the Ringke Fusion case from Day 1. Screen cover is still intact, as well as back cover. Never used OEM Bumper Case since was using the Ringke Fusion case from Day 1.
  15. AsidXxx

    FS: Laptop HCL ME Netbook

    Almost as good as new, well maintained. Screen plastic cover is still intact. Comes with 500GB HDD, 2GB RAM, Intel Atom 450 processor, Windows 7 Pro installed. For some reason, it shuts down automatically after sometime. Haven't been able to troubleshoot that. Apart from that, everything works...
  16. AsidXxx

    Android Nexus 5 from S'pore

    Is there a way to buy the N5 from the Singapore Play Store using something like TunnelBear? What about the CC? It seems the prices of N5 in S'pore are cheaper than US.
  17. AsidXxx

    FS: Mobile Nexus 4 16GB Sealed

    Hi All, Selling the remaining Nexus 4. Product Name: Nexus 4 16GB Expected Price: Rs 27000 Shipping charges - None. Only local sale. Manufacturer page URL: Nexus 4 - Google Description if any: Brand new and sealed Reason for Sale: Need the money Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase...
  18. AsidXxx

    Broadband in Andheri E

    Guys, Found out that MTNL 3G doesnt have any unlimited plans anymore. All with a 100GB cap :( Which broadband to go in for in Andheri E, around the Malpadongri area (just beside Sher-E-Punjab) Reliance hasn't reverted yet when I had logged a request last week; so Hayai is an option. I touch...
  19. AsidXxx

    Laptops Netbook Wont Power On

    I have an HCL netbook, and it refuses to power on now. I tried fidgeting with it a bit, because there was this continuous beeping while booting up. After a while it used to shut down on its own while beeping. I tried booting after having removed the battery. Issue persists, hence not a battery...
  20. AsidXxx

    Laptops Dell XPS 1210 : What To Do With It

    Guys, I have this XPS 1210 thats been lying around unused because of a busted screen and battery (and also my netbook and PS3 are enough for everything). I am willing to give it away for a nominal amount if someone wants the components. The specs are in my signature. Open to any other...