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  1. quixand

    FS: Others ESP Lamb of God Signature Guitar Fender Mustang Amp Digitech RP90 Processor Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

    ESP WA-200 Willie Adler (Lamb of God) Signature Series Guitar Urban Camo Print Purchased - March 2013 Condition - Cosmetic - 7/10 ; Sound - 9/10 2 bump marks (Lower body & headstock). Electronics in perfect condition. Color - Urban Camo Print Features - Review -...
  2. quixand

    FS: Headphone UE TF10 Hifiman RE-0 RE0 and Razer Carcharias PC Wired Headset (Large Images)

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 - Purchased - Dec 2012/Jan 2013 USA import Condition - 8.5/10 (Cable has been replaced last summer with Fiio RC Cable; Comply Tips (1 set) is heavily used; 2nd Set moderately used. No averse effect on Sound Quality. Shell; Cables in very good condition. Contact in...
  3. quixand

    FS: Games PS3/XBOX360 Games & Blu Ray Movies

    Clearing Out Some Game and BLU RAY Movie Discs - BLU RAY Pacific Rim English - 600 X-Men Days of Future Past - 650 (added 11th July) XBOX Discs - 360 AC-2 - 500 COD MW3 NTSC - 500 Gears Of War 3 - 500 Halo...
  4. quixand

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Adam Jensen returning on Next Gen Consoles & PC. Game Informer announced the new Game as its cover story for this month. IGN coverage - Screenies @ Gamespot...
  5. quixand

    Audio Home Theater - Completed

    Now that I've completed my Home Theatre build with a new LED I thought I'd post some pics, buying experience and maybe some helpful links which I used. I'll post some better pics once I've got some decent AV Furniture of the entire set-up. Album here -...
  6. quixand

    Video XBMC renamed to Kodi We are excited to announce that the media center software we’ve all loved for so many years will have a new name, starting with version 14. Instead of XBMC 14, we’d like to introduce you to Kodi 14. Since 2002, the software known as XBMC has gone through...
  7. quixand

    IGN India

    Don't know if anyone noticed this? Being run by IVG's Avinash Bali
  8. quixand

    Reusability of Game Disc Codes [PC/Consoles]

    Creating this thread with a view to understand how Codes on Retail Discs work across all gaming platforms. This is probably more of a Trade/Sell query more than anything else. PC - Retail discs that are Steam/GFWL activated can be reused by another PC? Or is it tied to just my Steam...
  9. quixand

    Contra Evolution [iOS]

    Contra! It's available for ₹ 55. I faced some issues with fluidity sometimes but hell, it's Contra. Review
  10. quixand

    FS: Games PS3 & Xbox 360 titles

    Feel free to PM me to ask any questions related to this sale thread. 07/07/2013 : PS3 pictures updated. Removed Sold items. Added Xbox 360 games. Requested thread name change. Product Name - Final Fantasy XIII Expected Price - 700 500 Shipping Charges - Inclusive Description - Used disc...
  11. quixand

    Guacamelee! [PS3, PSVita]

    Guacamelee is an action platformer set in a magical Mexican-inspired world with a Metroid-vania style - Gamespot This is a game that I've been hearing about for quite some time on PS3 podcasts now. Finally it launches tomorrow, and I will get it. The reviews look promising. Do give...
  12. quixand

    Badland - [iOS]

    Another game I bought recently and found to be quite enjoyable. The idea is to save as many clones as possible. Badland is a very Limbo like game. Artwork is good and the squishy deaths are good. I am on the 10th Level right now, some 30 to go. Destructoid gives...
  13. quixand

    Injustice: Gods Among Us - Discussion Thread

    This is a pretty sweet game available on iOS universal devices. It's free to play. Looks pretty good too. It's a Tag team fighting game developed by Netherealms for Warner Bros for DC comic characters. Some screenshots from my phone. The download size of this game is...
  14. quixand

    Playstation 3 : YouTube App

    Woot! PS3 finally has the YouTube app. In fact TV/Video service is a new placeholder in the XMB. (Not that it matters) It's a small download 22MB, streams HD videos faster than the Xbox Youtube app (so far). The keyboard layout for the search bar is very similar to Xbox. I like the play...
  15. quixand

    Windows 7 boot manager not found

    I was trying to move windows to a new drive and i wiped out the partition with boot manager (which was still on the old drive). So Windows is installed on the new drive and System reserved space got removed from old drive. I've tried installing Win Vista from DVD, Bootable win7 USB and it...
  16. quixand

    Smartglass app comes to iOS

    Updated XboxLive app on iOS today and Smartglass got downloaded. Works OK on iPhone-Xbox at the moment. Browser was not working. Smartglass is out on Windows and Android app markets already. For the uninitiated -
  17. quixand

    Playstation Store revamped

    Downloaded the new update for PS store. Looks awesome, has borrowed quite some things from Xbox dashboard. Much better navigation. Much more functional filters. And super speedy. And did not ditch the sweet key tones. Good job Sony.
  18. quixand

    Audio Upgrade from Nuforce 700x

    I need a new set of IEMs as the sound on my Nuforce 700x (Right channel) is gone, I suspect physical damage to the cable. My progression with earphones has been Creative EP630 - Too muddy, I like the tips on these JVC Marshmallow - Too harsh Melectronics ME6 - Getting a fit on these are...
  19. quixand

    DUST 514 (PS3 Exclusive)

    Dust 514, a supremely ambitious F2P game or another forgettable venture? A new take on First Person Shooter and MMOs. I'm pretty excited for this game. E3 Discussion (PreDemo) with IGN - Dissecting the Game - E3 Demo- Here's a dissection of...
  20. quixand

    Another Case of Credit Card details compromised

    So yesterday morning I received an alert that my Netsafe password had been reset and OTP was messaged to me. I called up my bank and got it blocked immediately after confirming the last transaction. Today, my bank called back informing me that somebody had tried to make a transaction of 4000+...