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  1. blackhorn

    WTB ARGB Fans- Cooler Master MF120 Halo/Lian Li SL120/Arctic Bionix p120 ARGB

    Want to buy 4-5 fans, if available pls PM. Controller is not required.
  2. blackhorn

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding FS: Bykski DDC Pump(66mm) & Bykski 240mm Rad

    Up for Sale are the following Items: Byski DDC Pump(66mm Res):3500/- Perfect for Small Builds. Have Marked Warranty as no. Trying to trace the bill, will update. Bykski 240mm Copper Rad:2200/- Were bought off a FM in May(He originally purchased item in Dec, 2021) Reason for sale:Upgrade
  3. blackhorn

    WTB D5 pump

    Looking to purchase a d5 pump. Should be in working condition and the port threads should be in good condition. If anyone has one available. Pls PM
  4. blackhorn

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Giveaway Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse(2), Both have issues.

    Up for Giveaway are 2pcs of Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Combo Both of Them have issues. Combo 1: Mouse functionally fine but aesthetically the scroll wheel has been worn out in places. Keyboard Issues: broken at both...
  5. blackhorn

    FS: Others Legacy Items Giveaway(Proc RAM MB, PCI Cards)

    The following Items are up for a Giveaway: Pls excuse if I don't have the details of the products right. They have been in storage for a long time(apart from the board, ram and processor) 1. If memory serves right. Pentium 4, Intel DG31GL...
  6. blackhorn

    WTB 92mm to 80mm fan adapter.

    As described. I need a 92mm to 80mm fan adapter. If someone has one, please reach out. Thanks.
  7. blackhorn

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding FS: Corsair SF450

    Up for sale is a Corsair SF450 Bought in June 2017, has 2 year + warranty remaining. Powerful little thing. Condition Speaks for itself. Was cleaned periodically. Selling because upgraded to SF600 All Accessories and Original Packaging and Box Included Expected: 4200/- Please keep price...
  8. blackhorn

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG LED 20 inch monitor 1600x900

    Up or sale is my LG LED monitor 1600x900 resolution. Condition: 2.5/5 (mostly due to age) Was bought in 2015, I do have the bill. No issue except maybe the buttons have some dust, and may not respond on one click. DVI and VGA input only so please keep that in mind. Expected: 3k(including DVI...
  9. blackhorn

    FS: Others FS: Noctua u12s & TVS Cherry Red

    Up for sale are the following items:- 1. Noctua u12s: Condition 4.5/5 Date of Purchase: 1st Oct 2021 Warranty remaining: 5 yr 4 months As good as new. Unused thermal paste, and all accessories included. Expected: 4800/- 2. TVS Gold XL Keyboard Cherry MX Red: Condition:3/5 DOP: June 2019...
  10. blackhorn

    FS: Video Card FS: Galax GTX980

    Up for Sale is a Galax GTX980 Was bought off another forum 4 years ago. Has been used for leisure gaming on the weekend(1-2hours) Condition: 3/5 (due to age) Has been cleaned routinely. Never been overclocked or abused. Expected: 17k Please keep price discussions on PM. Preferably with...
  11. blackhorn

    WTB LC Coolant

    Need about half a litre or so. Tried putting Glycol based coolant, but the distilled water I used doesn't have biocide. So if someone has some to spare, pls PM.
  12. blackhorn

    FS: Others FS: 16GB Corsair LPX 3000C16, SSD(250gb), M.2 SSD(250gb), AC1200 Wifi PCIe, Fiio E17 DAC, RHA T10i(Wired earphones), DLINK 2750U ADSL Router

    Up for Sale are the following items:- 1. 16GB Corsair LPX 3000C16 RAM Condition:5/5 Warranty: Do not have bill, maybe can be availed through S. No.. Will give a week's testing warranty from my side. Expected:3500/- 2.Samsung 860 EVO (250GB) Condition 3/5 Warranty: 1yr 4 months(Have bill and...
  13. blackhorn

    FS: Video Card FT: GALAX GTX980

    Up for Trade is a Galax GTX 980 looking for a trade up to a 2070 or a 3060ti(card plus upto 20k) I am a second owner, was bought off another Forum in 2018 Not used for mining, but liesure gaming and such. Only interested in a trade, as I need a dedicated GPU. Have original Box. Condition...
  14. blackhorn

    WTB Monitor

    22inch display. Must be fhd, can accommodate a 27inch and resolution of up to 4k. Not looking for anything out of state. Looking for a local deal in Delhi NCR only. If anyone is thinking to sell. Please PM. Thanks,
  15. blackhorn

    FS: Desktops FS MSI B550 Gaming Plus, Ryzen 3600

    Up for sale is MSI B550 Gaming Plus(warranty through S. No.) -Was bought off an FM in September 2021 -Original Box and Accessories Aavailable -Unused heat sinks for M.2 slots -Expected 11k shipped -Warranty remaining 2 years Also up for sale is a Ryzen 3600(Bill available) -Billed in Jan 21(1...
  16. blackhorn

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H115i 280mm AIO(Parts or DIY)

    So this is going to be a longish post, this was bought off a FM a little while ago. With the intent of repairing it and using it, however as I found out it wasn't a straight forward solder and use thing. It was advertised to be sold as parts originally, and I would take it that it can be sold as...
  17. blackhorn

    FS: Cabinets Gamemax Silent Max M903 (6 Fans Included)

    Up for sale is a 1.5 year old Gamemax Silent M903 It has 6 fans included. The front panel was damaged in transit, the damage is shown in the pics, Front Bottom, Front Bottom left, and Right upper, back right. Right panel has a dent as well on the handle. Should be able to be fixed with plastic...
  18. blackhorn

    FS: Processor Ryzen 1600

    Up for sale is a ryzen 1600(processor only), condition speaks for itself. Had bought it off a FM in July. Please contact via DM for any price discussions, and keep the thread clean. Thanks for looking. Since the product is out of warranty period. I will provide testing warranty from my end...
  19. blackhorn

    CPU/Mobo Help me narrow down my BSOD

    So my system is as follows: Ryzen 1600 Asus Tuf b450m Hyperx 2666mhx DDR4 RAM Inno 3d Gt1030 Samsung Nvme 980 500gb Gigabyte Wifi Card SFX450 Corsair It had windows 11 on it, and one of the USB ports had been malfunctioning. I had been putting off the RMA, since it going to take some time and...
  20. blackhorn

    FS: Others FS: Asus GT620-L, Apple TV3, Auxus Core X4 3G Tablet, Samsung Tab 2 P5100, Airpods 1st Gen(Battery Issue)

    The following items up for Sale:-> 1. Asus GT620-L, was used in my HTPC Age:4+ years Issues: Slight Fan Noise, No low profile bracket. Can support 2 displays(1xDVI, 1 HDMI) Condition:3/5 Expected: 2200/- 2.Apple TV3 Age:4+ years Issues: the remote has dents around the edges because of drops...