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    Audio Need help in remote classroom setup

    My friend has setup a remote classroom training in a rural area. The setup is Class room: 55 inch Hisense TV connected to Boat soundbar via wire, An HTPC with a logitech 270 webcam connected to the TV. Teacher: Just a regular laptop with web cam and a headset. Everything going well, except...
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    Electric scooter for 16 years old without license(less than 25km speed)

    Folks, Not sure if this is the right forum, but any guidance will be appreciated. I am looking for electric scooter for my son who is 16 years old. The ones with less than 25km and does not need a license to drive. The location is Bangalore specifically HSR layout. Ability do service is a...
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    WTB Looking to buy Gigabyte or MSI H81 motherboard

    I am looking forward to buy a used Gigabyte or MSI H81 motherboard for my 4th Gen i5 processor. Do let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you for your time !
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    Where to repair Sony RX100 in Bangalore ?

    Folks, I am looking for reliable camera service centre in Bangalore to repair Sony RX100 M1. The camera is out of warranty. Though I gave it for repair in Sony Service Centre in Koramangala, they were unable to repair the problem properly. The problem is that the lens barrel get stuck in...
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    MB/Processor/RAM for HTPC

    Folks, I am looking to buy used MB/Processor/RAM for HTPC as a combi offer or individual offers. Please pm or reply to this thread with your offers. MB : Must be micro-ATX motherborad as I have already bought a small cabinet. Should have ATI IGP 3xxx or better or equivalent NVIDEA one RAM ...
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    Feedback on IFB Diva

    Folks, Here goes the story..: I have an IFB Senator washing machine that is 6 years old now. It was bought for 24K and the usage is once a week plain wash [ No other functionalities were used]. Its board malfunctioned at 4th year and it costed me 4 K to repair. And now the drum is gone with a...
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    Bsnl 900 uld ?

    Folks, I had ULF 1100 please till last december [ 2 MPBS till 10GB and then 256 KBPS] and I was able to see youtube videos without any delay or buffering. Effective January, I moved to ULD 900 [ 4MBPS till 8 GB and then 256 KBPS ] and now youtube keep buffering all the time and max I can see...
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    Used VFM DSLR camera to start with !

    Folks, I am looking for a used entry level VFM Digital SLR to learn photography. The plan is to learn photography using the SLR and then upgrade to a better model. If you have any VFM offers, please PM me. A local Bangalore seller is preferred.
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    Edifer C3/Altec Lansing MX5021/Logitech z2300

    Altec Lansing MX5021/z5500/Edfier C3/Logitech z2300 Would like to buy one of the following. 1. Altec Lansing MX5021 2. Logitech z5500 3. Edifier C3 4. Logitech z2300 A local seller from Bangalore is preferred owing to the weight of these speakers. Outstation sellers, please pm me the offer...
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    Edifer C3 Availability and Price in Bangalore

    Folks, I am looking forward to buy Edifier C3 speakers in Bangalore. It would be really great if someone can guide me on the availability and price in Bangalore. Thanks
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    Video Is there a FTA receiver with HDMI output ?

    Folks, Over the last two years, there are a lot of LCD TVs emerging to market with all kinds of technologies andd differentations. And most of them have many HDMI ports as the input. However, our STB market has not upgraded itself to connectivity option irrespective of whether the signal...
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    AMD Processor for HTPC

    Looking for a AMD processor to go with a 780 board for HTPC purpose. Looking for X2 6000+ or better Comes with a stock heatpipe based heatsink At least testing warranty of a week The processor should be shipped to Bangalore. PM me your offers, if any.