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    WTB crucial mx500

    need crucial mx500 128/256gb
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    WTB sodim ddr4 ram and sata ssd

    require a cheap 8 or 16gb sodimm any speed and a good condition sata ssd 256gb or above.
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    WTB LGA 1150 Atx motherboard

    looking for a compatible motherboard with i5 4690 with 1 pci slots . bump
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    FS: Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING ITX Motherboard

    Hi TE guys , I bought this in December 2020 from china because it was not available in india and still not available and there is no bill or warranty and it has all the stuff it came with screw, stickers, standoff,(buzzer is mine can give it away), I have been using this motherboard for 1 yrs...
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    WTB silverstone sugo sg13b front panel

    i need silverstone sugo sg13b whole front panel or led's and usb ports for replacement.
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    WTB screw sets

    i want to buy all common screws comes with pc case m 2x2and all other screw and m.2 standoffs..
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    FS: Storage Hardware sandisk z400s 256 GB(sata ssd) and samsung evo 850 250GB (m.2 sata ssd)

    (found the bill dated 20.02.2018 for samsung) ( warranty till 20 February 2023) wanted to sell this fast and buy myself a 1tb samsung one is on hold.. sandisk is for sale.. pm offers.. price is...
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    WTB need gtx 1060 or rtx 3060/ti or rx 5700 xt

    i require a gtx 1060 or rtx 3060/ti or 5700 xt
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    WTB need a RTX 3060 ti or a rx 5700 xt

    looking for a RTX 3060 ti or a rx 5700 xt.. dm me with your price
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    WTB LGA 775 DDR3 motherboard used or new

    need a LGA 775 with DDR3 motherboard used or new required.
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    WTB Sata controller card

    I am looking for a sata controller card 2 or more sata ports.
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    WTB 1150 motherboard new/old

    i require a used or new LGA 1150 motherboard b85 or above chipset.