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  1. farookh

    Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card

    Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card
  2. farookh

    Also got a New GTX 1080ti

    Got a new Graphics Card to go along with the LG 27UK650. NVIDIA GTX 1080ti Founders Edition
  3. farookh

    Finally 4k hdr

    Finally took the plunge and upgraded my monitor. LG 27UK650
  4. farookh

    IC Dell U2413 16k

    Just got news that one chap in Delhi has got 5 boxed packed pieces of dell 24" U2413. he says u can avail warranty from dell India.(Don't go by his word Use your discretion while buying). Selling each for 16k will come done if all are picked up. Now I need someone from Rohini Nagar to check if...
  5. farookh

    i7-4770k + ASROCK Z87 Professional

    Hi Guys, got this Stuff in today from the US. Check out this link for info on the build
  6. farookh

    OC & Modding Haswell Prelude Build Log 2.0 Water Cooled

    Hi Guys, After a few years of no major upgrades on my system i thought it was about time i get my system ready for the Next GEN Haswell cpus. So my quest begins today with the arrival of this huge box from Snapdeal.
  7. farookh


    Hi. Need a Corsair 650d case urgently. Ne one from mumbai or even outside who has or can supply one please pm me. Thanks Farookh
  8. farookh

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Swiftech H20-220 Ultima XT PLUS Water Cooling Kit.

    Got a Brand New Sealed Swiftech Water Cooling kit this is the plus model that includes Cpu,vga and chipset blocks. More Details Here: H2O-220 Ultima XT - Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech - PC Liquid Cooling Systems CPU Cooler VGA Water Block Heatsink Pump Radiator Heat Exchanger Kit For...
  9. farookh

    Hacked Xbox GO online Play System LINK on WEB

    Hi, Jtag & Rgh xbox users FSD link is now avail and working pretty good. Played COD online and worked pretty nicely. Head over to TeamFSD Presents LiNK - News - RealModScene or here for a guide of how to update to the new ver...
  10. farookh

    FS: Tablet For Sale Acer Iconia A500 8GB

    Hi, Got an Acer Iconia A500 8GB tab with TPU case for sale. There is a problem with the power button and pressing it does nothing. To power on or bring the tab out of sleep mode u got to insert the power plug in the tab. Got no Box but will come with charger manuals and 2 cases (1 original...
  11. farookh

    FS: Home Audio Video MC Sale Sound/Graphic/coolers/tv tuners/keyboards/Mice/Docks/Pone/Modem/Xbox

    MC Sale Sound/Graphic/coolers/tv tuners/keyboards/Mice/Docks/Phone/Modem/Xbox Hi Guys, Got lot of stuff that i need to get rid off. Please if u find the price high just pm me your offer and i will consider all stuff has to go. Dont ask me how old cause to tell the truth even i don't know, all...
  12. farookh

    FS: Storage Hardware WDC 1TB HDD x 4

    For sale 4 wd 1tb hdd drives all have 1.5 years black drive has 2 years warranty left. Were sparingly used in NAS backup and not used daily. Price Rs3000/- for green drives Price Rs3200/- for black drive Shipping extra at actuals or local pickup from Chembur, Mumbai. P.S. also have two 2 tb...
  13. farookh

    GO: Team Xecuter CoolRunner RGH Kit

    Hi Guys, i have ordered a few team xecuter RGH for a few friends getting a few extra working out to Rs2000/- for these 3 items landed in mumbai 1. Xecuter CoolRunner - Ultimate Reset Glitch Hack - Rev B 2. Xecuter POST QSB For Xbox 360 Slim 3. Xecuter NAND-X & CoolRunner Slim QSB Install...
  14. farookh

    Motorola Photon 4G thread

    Dont really know if there are ne other users using this phone. But just to continue from my other thread More Info on phone here Android Smartphone - Buy Your PHOTON 4G Superphone Today - Tech Specs - Motorola...
  15. farookh

    Nvidia 1ghz dual core 4.3" CDMA/GSM world phone

    Guys, Just got myself a new phone. Motorola new dual CDMA/GSM 4.3" 1ghz Nvidia Tegra dual core beast. Got to yet get the cdma side unlocked, being a world phone gsm works out of the box.
  16. farookh

    Samsung Galaxy S CDMA Epic 4g

    Hi, up for sale is my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Its a Sprint Epic 4G MEID is registered with reliance & mts (EVDO),so you can use HCC card or web world to tr your no to this phone. Condition is excellent. Comes with extra original Car Dock with charger, otterbox case and all india maps...
  17. farookh

    Sea Urchin from JAPAN

    Guys came home today and there was a fedex parcel waiting to be un-boxed. So lets see whats inside sea urchin perhaps?? this model is sold as Sea Urchin in Asia and was bought from Creation watches online who were kind enough to ship as GIFT so no duty was charged. If you...
  18. farookh

    Asus 880G AMD 555 BE CPU + Seasonic PS

    I have the following brand new stuff lying with me for sale. 1. Asus M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3 2.AMD x2 555 Phenom II Black Edition (100% 4 core unlocked.) 3.Seasonic SS-400ES 80 Plus Bronze Power supply. All stuff was bought a couple of months back for a friends media center, but since he had some...
  19. farookh

    New Dual-Band Wireless Router 128 MB Ram 3,00,000 data sessions
  20. farookh

    Need Dell Streak 7 Tablet

    Hi, Need a Dell Streak 7 Tablet. If ne one is comming down from US please let me know i will pay extra for the trouble & service. regards farookh