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    PHILIPS TRIMMER only CHARGER FOR QT 4000/4006, QT 4005

    Hello all I want to buy PHILIPS TRIMMER CHARGER FOR QT 4000, QT 4006, QT 4005. Please let me know if someone has spare one to sell. Location Mumbai./Delhi. Price : Negotiable Thanks Haris
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    Does moving to Australia make sense on PR Visa?

    Hello all, Like everyone, I also got excited by the dream of working and living in Australia. Being denied visa multiple times, even working for 5+ years in IT firms, I decided to self-sponsor my Type 190 Australian PR Visa after doing some R&D. Not thinking USA(Trump), not Canada(too many...
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    FS: Cabinets Big Airy Spaciously Cabinet For sale - Thane/Mumbai

    Antec V1 Cabinet As you can see in the pics following CPU cabinet is available for sale. I do not know exact Model number of the Cabinet, its lying useless for more than 1.5 years since it has been bought. Fan and other...
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    Budget 0-20k Cheap and Best Win10 Laptop with keyboard under 10k

    Hello guys, I am looking to buy small laptop, basically laptab under 10000rs. Usage will be only surfing internet, watching videos and doing some excel/word work occasionally. Please let me know Best Win 10 based cheapest laptops with warranty. I have shortlisted two below but need more...
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    Which Health Insurance for Senior Citizen(age 67 & 65)

    Hi I am looking to buy Health Insurance for my parents which are Senior Citizen as of now by age(67 & 61). So which provider and what plan would be best? I have shortlisted Cigna TTK and Bajaj Alliance. Let me the reviews of them. Requirement is that by this age health problems are bound to...
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    Audio How is LG HBS 730 Bluetooth Headset?

    Hello Guys, How is LG HBS 730 Bluetooth Headset? Please let me know, TIA. Regards Haris
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    How to know that Frying Pan will work with Induction Cooktop?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a Frying Pan, but it says build is from Aluminium and if I am correct Aluminium utensils don't work with Induction cooker. Correct me if I am wrong. Link Thanks Haris
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    WTB Need Nilikin/Original Flap Case for LG G2 D802

    Hi, I need Nilikin/Original LG Flap Case for LG G2 D802(with rectangle space in between) Condition should be pristine or with very less usage marks. Let me know your offers shipped to Delhi. Thanks Haris
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    WTB Need 2nd Hand Mid-Tower/Full Tower Cabinet in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai 2k-3k

    Hi, I am looking for good condition Mid-Tower or Full-Tower cabinet. Price : 2000 -3000 rs depending upon product condition Location : Mumbai / Navi-Mumbai. Thanks Haris
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    Where can I sell(and buy) Old 2nd hand books in Navi Mumbai?

    HI, I have few books to sell and want few books to buy. I need a shop name and address who deals in 2nd hand books. Thanks Haris
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Unused and Brand new Hyper TX3 Evo

    Selling Brand new and unused Hyper TX3 Evo. It was an impulsive buy using SD coupon, but product was never used. Just opened the box and checked the items and was not touched for rest of the time. All the attachments, accessories and thermal paste is still unused. Didn't get the time to fix...
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    FS: Mobile Mint LG G2 32gb D802 + Original LG Window Case with 2.5 months warranty

    Price Drop by 2000, now @ Rs 27,000 Selling my beloved LG G2 D802 mobile with LG original window case. Phone is in really good condition, even I have not taken off default stickers & screenguard with which phone came. Even charger is still in the original plastic shield. Phone is running...
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    Budget 51-70k Big(>15.6") and Good screen Laptop with i7

    My Boss wanted a Lappy for watching just movies at home, but with premium style. Please give few suggestions. Purpose: Watching FHD Videos, movies, you tube, browsing the internet, little MS office work. Here are the needs: Screen should be above 15.6" and must be FHD or higher. Touchscreen...
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    Is Micromax 32" LED HD TV worth to buy?(Budget 14-16k)

    1. Budget. 14000 - 16000 2. Viewing distance. - 6 - 8 Feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. : Only normal DishTV STB and USB port. HDMI too. 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. - LED Only 5. Preference for brands. : VFM one. 6. Willing to...
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    Car & Bike Suggestions for buying Racing Bike(read BiCycle) : Budget 15-23k

    Hello guys..... I am looking to buy a bicycle to solve my daily commuting problem to office as well as to get tummy back in shape. Office is just 3 kms far and I think it would be great excercise to burn extra fat. Earlier I thought of buying 2nd hand real bikes from olx/quikr but ditched...
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    LG launches its 2014 flagship phone : LG G3

    The LG G3 is finally official and is ready to take the duties as the company's 2014 flagship Android smartphone. Hardware The LG G3 features a 5.5" True HD-IPS+ LCD display with a QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution. This results in the eye-watering (in a good sense) pixel density of 534...
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    Budget 21-30k Budget Touchscreen Laptop for regular use

    Hi Guys.... Please help me in deciding a budget touchscreen laptop for my younger brother and mom/dad. Touchscreen is needed so that everybody in family can use that. What's your Budget? 25k - 35k(lesser would be better) What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Online surfing...
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    WTB Used Full Tower Cabinet only(no power supply) in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai < 1500rs

    Hi guys, I am looking for used branded Full Tower Cabinet. It should have 120mm and 80mm fan support and should fit all ATX mobos. Budget is upto 1000-2000 rs depending upon the cabinet condition and warranty left. Location preferred is Navi Mumbai/Mumbai only. Let me know your offers...
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    Help me in deciding Bluetooth/Non-BT Portable Speaker with Bass

    1. Budget : 1500 - 2500 2. Audible Range : In an empty hall only. 3. Sources/inputs such: Bluetooth as well as 3.5mm jack for non-BT devices 4. Preference : None 5. Preference for brands : Those who provide good warranty. 6. Any other feature you are looking: Extra Bass Effect and FM...
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    After Moto G, now Flipkart soon going to launch Moto X with attractive schemes

    Hi All, As you know(or already owned) Moto G was launched by Flipkart in India. Now its turn for the elder sibling Moto X to be launched in India. This is the 2nd Motorola handset available exclusively from Flipkart only. 1. Flipkart announcing a...