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    FS: Desktops Core2Quad, 2x2gb DDR2, 2gb laptop DDR3 1333, Chieftec ATX cabby, 2 IDE DVDRWs, dead G41 775 mobo

    I'll take this - Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR2 800mhz 2gb x 2 sticks PM me
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    FS: Desktops Slightly used Mid Level Gaming PC

    CPU received a while ago works like a charm ..Thanks
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    Aliens vs. Predator (PC) supposed to kick consoles‘ ass (dev interview)

    lol i shat my pants playing the game back in the day
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    Mininova, Demonoid, TPB gone......BEST FREE torrent sites?

    That is why i stayed away from Media Players like the WDTV and XT no point burning a BluRay and then transferring the content to the Media Player to view it ... the Good old HTPC make sense with a BD.
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    Audio CD Original Albums

    Its mine we r just tryin to figure out a meetup time.
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    LG 32" JAZZ THEATRE - 32LH60YR review

    No they dnt
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    HTPC Cabinet (Price reduced).

    ^its an awesome HTPC case.. looks a lot like a CD Player/VCR.
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    wheres kmd??

    ^He should be Busy with Diwali i guess ...Wait till Tuesday or so.
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    Audio Creative GigaWorks S750

    AE2 is better when in comes to Music .
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    Car & Bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc in India

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    PC Peripherals HTPC Case

    working out the shipping costs the unit costs 82$ will update 2moro Cheers
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    PC Peripherals HTPC Case

    Was wondering if the geeks arnd here wud be interested in a case like this Specification Dimensions(WxDxH):364x378x140mm Materials: aluminum front panel Motherboards:Micro-ATX Power Supply:Micro-ATX PSU Drive Bay:Exposed 5.25"x1,Hidden3.5"x2,Hidden2.5"x2 Cooling System:Rear...
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    Car & Bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc in India

    "But got some customer's pics whom i know" I assumed ppl u knw come under Friends my bad Acquaintance then ? "i'm out of your league," Yep i can seen that [I am just a Dreamer lol] "So stop pretending that you know me" I am Glad i dnt . Anyways no more OT I really hope the bike is placed...
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    Car & Bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc in India

    So these people are folks u knw ? mmmh well wat can i say :hap5:
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    Car & Bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc in India

    BS no way u TD'd the bike it isn't out yet ...Didn't know the Government was giving out Bike loans may be i shud send shashi tharoor a tweet and ask him to link me to the Government Bike loan online Application. Thanks for the heads up :D
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    Car & Bike My Future Bike

    And i get my Car n Bike serviced at West Coast Customs ..My good friend Bill maintains my Vista based Laptop its a Genuine Alienware laptop made by Virgins from planet Hoop Di do.
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    Samsung Star 5233: Long-term reliability

    Stay away from the nokia 5230 i regret buying it .
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    PSP 3000 or 2000?

    1. Failure is unheard of at least i haven't 2.Chicken Mod is easy safe and stress free and no its not permanent if ur battery dies or u turn it off [ something similar to shutdown vs an hibernate] then all u have to do is reinstall which is easy case the files are already on the PSP. 3.Screen...
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    Guns & roses in Bangalore in Nov.

    GNR and Megadeth dnt play the same music at all In fact some wud same Megadeth dnt play Music at all some wud say its just noise.. GNR [Older Albums] are legends agreed without slash they aren't the same .
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    FS: Sound Card + Universal Remote

    Its On hold for u Mate take ur Time.