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  1. anand_mayank

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Bullet Train - (7/10), fun action packed movie . Loved all the characters and the surprise characters.
  2. anand_mayank

    Help with samsung galaxy buds 2 case

    I lost my galaxy buds 2 case while travelling on an auto. Is it possible to buy only the samsung charging case or gotta buy the whole thing , would love your suggestions on this. :(( ?
  3. anand_mayank

    Western museums must return stolen artefacts

    Interesting thing is that the governments of India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan have all laid claim on Kohinoor
  4. anand_mayank

    YouTube premium, Apple music and Mullvad sharing slots available

    interested in apple music , not able to ping you though
  5. anand_mayank

    FS: Others Multiple i Phone Cases for Sale...

    interested in starbucks case for iphone 13 pro, can you please ping?
  6. anand_mayank

    India seeks to block Chinese firms from sub-Rs 12,000 phone market

    I would like to play devil's advocate here and ask why take such measures which would impact people with lower income , even with subpar technologies these companies do offer some incredible specs to people who can not afford an expensive phone, rather than curb the chinese market , first focus...
  7. anand_mayank

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Just finished this after the suggestion, enjoyed it through and through!
  8. anand_mayank

    The Photography Thread !

    what equipment / devices you used? beautiful picture BTW!
  9. anand_mayank

    FS: Others Custom Vinyl Decals

    Received the vinyl decals with some bonus stickers, extremely professional and accommodating. will update here once i have applied the decals
  10. anand_mayank

    The Photography Thread !

    Clicked it on juhu beach, S22,
  11. anand_mayank

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Just watched jujutsu kaisen in theater 8/10
  12. anand_mayank

    FS: Others Custom Vinyl Decals

    Hi, I would like to order some custom vinyl decals, but can not dm you yet, would you please intiate the convo?
  13. anand_mayank

    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    I got a slot, but i can't initiate message, ping me and we can talk
  14. anand_mayank

    Android Ecosystem?

    I have a samsung phone and the link to windows functionality has really impro ed , it let's me even mirror phone apps on windows and along with one plus buds pro which supports 2 devices at once or even Bose headphone, the integration is on par with apple IMO. Even the galaxy watch shows a lot...
  15. anand_mayank

    Events & Meets Is there a forum like Tech Enclave for books

    Yeah it survived the books have reduced now though, and the cafe was closed now
  16. anand_mayank

    Events & Meets Is there a forum like Tech Enclave for books

    I went to this place called wayward and wise in mumbai, who told they deliver throughout mumbai, you can also try kitaabkhana , their numbers you can see on google and try calling
  17. anand_mayank

    [Sharing] Surfshark VPN Subscription

    can't dm you, can you ping me and we can discuss this further
  18. anand_mayank

    [Sharing] Surfshark VPN Subscription

    let me know if there are slots available
  19. anand_mayank

    The book I am reading currently

    Physical copies all the way.. while travelling I carry a tote bag full of books, the reading aesthetic hits different with a physical copy.
  20. anand_mayank

    Budget 20-25K A phone that will last for 3 years at least

    here are few options you may consider : samsung m53,a52 ,a33 motorola : g82, edge30,edge 30fusion these are the few suggestions i have seen here if longevity is something you are looking for dont go for xiaomi , mi