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    Bitdefender Internet Security 3 User pack for 400 bucks at Prime

    Prime is selling Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 3 user pack for 400/- and a 5 user pack for 550/- . Its a good alternative to Kaspersky. Anyone who can pick it up locally is getting a really good deal. Link here - BitDefender Internet Security 2009.
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    PC Peripherals Transcend RMA Information

    If you have a Transcend product that you want RMA'ed please contact the person below- Dealers are supposed to handle the process, but if you have any problems this guy will get it done for you. Mod's do consider stickying this. Different products have different warranty periods and it would...
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    FS: Arctic Silver 5 , used once

    Guys, I'm selling a tube of Arctic Silver 5. Got it frm KMD a year back. Used it exactly once and its been stored in a vertical position ever since.
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    WTB: Micro SD to Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter

    Guys i want to buy a Micro sd to Memory stick pro Duo adapter. It's available from Dealextreme but i cant wait till it reaches me. And on ebay i have to buy a card with the adapter.
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    Fans sale- 3 x 80mm Masscool Fans

    Guys im selling off some fans i'm not using currently- 3x Masscool 80mm Sleeve Bearing fans Bearing Type Sleeve RPM 2500±10% RPM Air Flow 31.73 CFM Noise Level 28 dBA 350 shipped for the 3 fans
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    Audio(IEM) + Horological Upgrade

    Guys look at what came from Hong Kong today- Thought it would get stuck at Customs, and it arrived in 5 days flat. Soundmagic PL-30 the carry case- And finally the free Fiio E3 Amp - The soundstage is really unique, its a nice change from EP630's i was using for over 2 yrs. The bass...
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    WTB:Laptop RAM-DDR2 SODIMM PC2-4200 533Mhz 512Mb/1Gb

    WTB a Laptop RAM module- specs-DDR2 SODIMM PC2-4200 533Mhz 512Mb or 1Gb anyone upgrading their laptops ram let me know . thanks for looking.
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    WTB: 1.8 Inch Hard disk (30GB/60GB)

    Wtb a working used 1.8" HDD. Preferably a Toshiba 30 gig one. anyone with a busted ipod can sell me theirs. Or if you know some source where i can get em at a resonable price, let me know.
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    FS:Ultima 90 + Silverstone FN-121 120mm fan

    Guys looking to sell a combo of a TR Ultima 90 and a Silverstone FN-121 FAn- - SILVERSTONE FN121 120mm Case Fan - Case Fans the ultima was purchased from Shade in pristine condition -...
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    MTV Apparel offers

    Guys i went to a Primus factory outlet at ECR, Chennai sometime back. They got a a buy one get two free offer on the entire MTV clothing range, ie T-shirts,Shirts,Cargo's. the tees are 300 each so u get 3 for 100 each.(dunno where else you can get quality Tee's at these kinda prices) Cargo's...
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    FS: Aquarium kit (Modders alert)

    Guys im selling my 8 year old aquarium. Its been lying packed for the past 4 yrs. I filled it with water and tested it, it doesn't leak. Comes with a working Air pump and a roof which can be opened from one side. (see pics) Modders can mod it into a cabinet too. Modders get it lesser w/o roof...
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    Clearance sale 2

    Following items are up for sale- 1. Psone original dualshock Gamepad- Free for anyone who can pickup in chennai. (Will give all my Psone games(20+) to the person who can do a local pickup of the gamepad) Rest of the stuff sold to bikey,.... 2. Motorola Stereo Headset- 140 bucks 3...
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    Replacement Silicone Tips for IEM's In Pune

    Guys if any of you need silicone tips for ur EP's or other IEM's, u can get em for 15 bucks at Audio Palace, MG Road Pune. I picked up a few as backup. The quality of the material is quite good. I compared em with my original EP's ear tips. They have only the medium sized tips. They also have...
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    FS: Leadtek 7900GTX with Balance warranty

    Bought it from a friend, another six months of its 3 yrs local warranty remains, don't have the bill. will help obtain the warranty within this period. GPU/Memory Clock at 650/1600 MHz 512MB,256-bit GDDR3 memory interface for Hi-Res /AA/AF gaming Leadtek - We make dreams a reality Card is in...
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    PC Peripherals Transcend RAM rma purchased from US

    hi guys need some help.. one of my axe ram sticks has stopped working , it was bought from the us , got it thru a friend. Can i claim warranty for it here in India? It says lifetime warranty on them and i have registered the product on the site too. Will an Indian distri help me in RMAing it?
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    WTB: PS2 Phat

    guys, want to buy a modded PS2 phat.. Can pickup from Mumbai,Pune or Chennai. Can pay upto 3.2k let me know soon need 2 Original Dualshocks and a mem card with it
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    WTB:Socket 478 Board

    Guys need a socket 478 motherboard with an AGP slot for 1k + shipping.... Need a weeks testing warranty....
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    CPU/Mobo Abit IP35-e or MSI Neo2-FR?

    Guys, pls help me choose a mobo for my new rig. I got 2gigs of transcend AxeRam ddr-800 an e2140 and a LEadtek 7900GTX. The NEo2-FR is available for 7k locally. the ip35-e is 5.5k. which board do u think i shud go for?
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    Old HW Clearance Sale

    Guys selling a combo of Athlon 64 Venice 3000+ (Overclocks quite well) and MSI K8n Neo-4 Platinum Motherboard has 8 SATA ports,RAID,Gigabit LAN,10USB ports (Its the DFI Lanpartys NF4's MSI rival). + 256 Mb DDR Simtronics ram (Have bills for Mobo and CPU purchased from SMC delhi .. no...
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    FS: Antec SLK3000B

    Guys selling my case an Antec SLK3000B , will post pics if needed. Interested ppl in Chennai can check it out and pick it up.. its scratchless and a year and a half old.. It comes with one 120mm Antec Tricool Fan, im giving one 80mm fan for the side panel extra. Comes with all accessories. Its...