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  1. anand_mayank

    Help with samsung galaxy buds 2 case

    I lost my galaxy buds 2 case while travelling on an auto. Is it possible to buy only the samsung charging case or gotta buy the whole thing , would love your suggestions on this. :(( ?
  2. anand_mayank

    Budget 41-50k Laptop suggestion for research work which involves running SPSS

    Here are the options I have chosen from HP, preference - intel core > 10th gen, weight <1.5 kgs, good speaker and display, good keyboards : Budget cab...
  3. anand_mayank

    Case suggestion for my S22

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some new cases for my S22, I want to go for something which is durable and sleek if possible, i have checked caseology cases and otterbox which i found here on one of the threads, however I wanna check if there are some more options i can explore. What cases...
  4. anand_mayank

    Budget 15-20K Mobile phone advice under20k

    Hi, I am planning to buy mobile phone under 20k, preference is longevity with less bloatware. I am torn between nord ce 2 lite, poco mx 4 pro 5g, note 11 pro redmi. Could you suggest me which to go for? any new suggestion is welcome as well. Thanks :)
  5. anand_mayank

    Monitors Monitor under 10k

    Hi , I need monitor under 10k for content watching and light gaming, would love some good suggestions.
  6. anand_mayank

    Budget 51-70k Laptop Suggestion(Under 70k)

    Hi , I am looking for professional laptop under 70k. Requirements : Lightweight preferably AMD processor, however I am unaware of the latest model good speakers Would love your insights. PS : is it possible to get any with thunderbolt or type A port? Thanks