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  1. Alucard1729

    WTB Headphone DAC/AMP combo or Amplifier

    Looking for DAC/AMP or Amplifier only for Hifiman HE400se. Please pm if you're looking to sell any of the two. Budget under 5-10k.
  2. Alucard1729

    WTB 1300W or more PSU

    As the title mentions, looking to buy an in-warranty PSU rated 1300w or more.
  3. Alucard1729

    WTB Macbook Air M1 16gb 256gb

    Please pm me if you're looking to sell your macbook air
  4. Alucard1729

    WTB SSD with a capacity of 2TB or more

    As per the title looking for a SSD. Some key things for the SSD I'm looking for are: -Dram SSD is preferred -Could do with SATA SSD if at a good price (even offer for 2x 1TB drives are welcome) PM me the price and drive you want to sell. Thank you
  5. Alucard1729

    WTB RTX 3090/ 3080ti/ A5000

    Looking to buy any one of the mentioned GPUs at fair price.
  6. Alucard1729

    WTB Rtx 3090/ A5000/ A4500/ A4000, Ryzen 5950x trade for 5900x

    Looking to buy RTX 3090 FE or RTX A5000/A4500/A4000 or any Nvidia card older with more than 12gb vram. Trade+cash for your 5950 with 5900x (if Anyone wants to downgrade) Pm me if anyone wants to sell the aforementioned gpu or for trade.
  7. Alucard1729

    WTB Nvidia RTX 3080/RTX 3090/RTX 3080ti/ RTX 3070ti FE

    Looking to buy Nvidia RTX 3080/ RTX 3090/ RTX 3080ti/RTX 3070ti founders edition cards or third party cards if at similar price.