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    WTB Apple Watch Series 5 / 6 & Airpods Pro / 3rd Gen

    @aquaticbullet You messaged me asking for price Check my above post.
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    WTB Apple Watch Series 5 / 6 & Airpods Pro / 3rd Gen

    2 Month old Airpods Pro 15000/- plus 200/- shipping with Amazon bill and box.
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    FS: Mobile iQoo 9 Pro 8/256

    Is that ur name and address on the Invoice. 0thegoodsamaritan
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    FS: Others Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 BT, Black, 44mm LNIB

    Out of stock ? Where ?
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Mystic Bronze with 8 months warranty

    Plz dont mind me asking was this phone financed ? If yes will you be giving NDC /NOC with it to the buyer ?
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    FS: Mobile OnePlus 9 5G Astral Black 8GB/128GB Sealed Pack

    Now this sound fishy ? So is this a smuggled phone if yes then how come u have the Amazon india invoice for it ?
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    FS: Mobile OnePlus 9 5G Astral Black 8GB/128GB Sealed Pack

    Are you a dealer/reseller ? Asking as your reason for sale is want to make a quick buck.
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    My Samsung experience

    I think you don't know the meaning of refund issue time which was 7 to 10 working days. Also again im not taking any sides no one asked op to start packing just after4/5 days when samsumg clearly mentioned on the mail that it will take 7 to 10 working days. As for refunds all companies...
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    My Samsung experience

    Refund issued date was 24 August refund credited on 15Sep, I think it was delayed by just 2/3days as they said refund will be issued within 7/10 working days plus banks takes 3/4 days to credit the amount back. Also if u are not able to find your account on samsumg website them u must have...
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    Apple Event — September 14, 2021

    Not necessary fanbois ...what if they are rich and dont have to wait for the Sale/Discount Like others.
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    WTB Samsung guru

    Which Guru you want Guru 1200 cost 1250 I think why not buy a brand new one.
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    User Review Galaxy Fold 2 in 2021: Love the experience

    Wow really...which city ?
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    FS: Desktops HP All-in-One 24-df1668in PC (Sealed in Box)

    Why there is no invoice? @logistopath
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    FS: Mobile Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (SOLD)

    Is there something wrong if he posted a WTB thread.... He must have bought it locally and must have not liked it hence selling... He cannot?
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    FS: Desktops Apple Mac Mini M1 8/256. Mint condition

    64900-8% student discount approx 5200=59700-airpods 10000=49700.
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    WTB 4G Phone

    Oneplus 3T gunmatel 64gb mint condition 9/10. Box invoice and charger.
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    FS: Headphone [Sold] Apple Airpods brand new sealed 1 year warranty

    You don't like it and want them to take it back and if they don't take it they have the worst customer service, You are the people amazon changed their return policy.[emoji16]
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    FS: Mobile Motorola One Fusion+

    Your asking price is 10.5k and you have a local buyer for 10k.....Dude What are you waiting for?