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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 processor

    Processor specifications # of Cores: 2 # of Threads: 2 Clock Speed: 1.86 GHz L2 Cache: 2 MB FSB Speed: 1066 MHz Instruction Set: 64-bit Lithography: 65 nm Max TDP: 65 W Some reviews can be found here AnandTech - Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 & E6400: Tremendous Value...
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    Win a copy of Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3!

    Vote for your favorite game amongst the two and you stand to win a free copy. PS: I searched and did not find any thread for this. Apologies if this has already been posted. Please note the above is a referral link.
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    Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 2*1 GB Dual Channel Kits (2)

    Have got 2 of these Dual Channel memory kits 2*1 GB each. So totally 4GB of DDR2 800 memory These are not Ballistix Tracers. These are normal Crucial Ballistix. Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory * 2 Kits Speed: DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Cas...
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    22/24 inch monitor, Full/mid tower case

    Am looking for a 22/24 incher. 2-3 years warranty a must. Can go upto 10k if the deal is good. And a full tower or one of the bigger mid tower cases. Can go upto 6k if the deal is good. The cheaper the better obviously and only Bangalore sellers. Prospective sellers please quote a price.
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    Ordering from Newegg

    Was planning to order from newegg for delivery to a friend in US who will get the stuff over next month. However, it seems newegg requires a US credit card to pay and delivers only to confirmed addresses if paying through paypal (which means a US credit card again). Can someone confirm or...
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    Good mobile games

    Suggest some good mobile games. I have a Sony Ericsson W810. Would prefer free games but not averse to buying them as well.
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    IEM phones

    Looking for a pair of IEM phones. My Ep630s just up and stopped working the other day so looking for replacements. The piece should've been kindly treated (unlike my near departed 630s :P) Would prefer something like the Soundmagic PL-30s or anything else upto 2K. No headphones and no non-IEM...
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    Audio Promedia GMX 2.1 vs. H/K SS 2

    Am basically undecided between the two. Would like someone who has had experience with them to help me out (1) Which one to go for? They are priced within about 1k of each other. Auditioned both and was certainly more impressed by the H/K, though would like a 2nd hearing. (2) Reading around I...
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    Audio Non IEM Earphones

    Am looking for a pair of non-IEM earphones around the 1-1.5K mark. Any good ones out there? Was considering the Sennheisers S Series MXL 60 Street II or MX Series MX560 which Prime seems to have. Also, has anyone tried VModa? They have listed the bass freq for USD 29 and they ship worldwide...
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    Laptops Lappy Backpack

    I wanted to get a Lappy Backpack but one which can be used with formal wear as well. So essentially I am looking for one with removable shoulder straps, which can also be carried like a laptop briefcase. My friend had one such bag (a Samsonite). Trouble is he doesnt know the model. Does anybody...
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    Connecting PSP to Internet on a BSNL broadband connection

    Hi, Ive been trying to connect my PSP to the net on BSNL Broadband but have had no success. It keeps throwing up a "Attempt to acquire IP address timed out" error. Could somebody who has got a PSP working with BSNL help me out. For the IP address settings I've tried both the "Easy" setting and...
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    IC: VHS Cassettes

    I have a whole bunch of VHS cassettes (over 50) which I want to get rid of (occupying precious space). Both English and Hindi, most of them from some time back (before the advent of the "CD" ;) ). If anyone is interested will put up the names, didnt want to take the trouble if there are no...
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    CPU/Mobo Intel fined $1.45 Billion by EU in Antitrust Case

    Intel Fined $1.45 Billion by EU in Antitrust Case (Update1) - The folks at AMD must be looking awful smug right now.
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    PC Peripherals Advice on phased manner upgrade

    Am planning to upgrade in a phased manner (due to cash constraints) as below. Please let me know if this (plan given below) makes sense (and is possible). Will need some help with configuration and prices at places. I will be upgrading one component at a time, keeping others the same. So the...
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    WTB: PSP Slim

    There are a couple of such threads floating about without any takers but still trying my luck. A PSP Slim (preferably modded) required (open to any version, condition, price)
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    CPU/Mobo The cheapest build

    Hi Guys, My requirement is fairly unique so would be grateful for suggestions specific to it. (1) I have to build a PC which will basically be a DC++/FTP server over LAN. The number of people accessing it at a time would be around 100 but the number of upload/download slots will be capped at...
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    Street Fighter IV HD Videos

    Dont know if these were posted earlier. Couldnt find them after a cursory check so here goes Featuring Street Fighter 4 Movie at ActionTrip Source Gaming News Archives 10/17/2007...
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    Monitors Which 17/19 inch monitor to buy?

    Hi, Which 17 or 19 inch LCD monitor should I get? Budget - 10K max The most important thing is it should be "easy on the eyes". The main reason I am getting a LCD monitor is coz I cant seem to be able to use my CRT monitor for more than 30 mins without my eyes burning badly. Usage will be...
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    Need a video made

    We are looking to get a 3-5 minute professional video made for our institute. Anybody here in that line of business or who knows somebody who is? Thanks
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    Financial Calculator

    Does anybody know where I could get hold of a financial calculator (the kind needed in a CFA exam) in Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi and how much it would cost? Any sites that will have em delivered to India might also do... Specifically I am looking at the Texas Instruments BA2 Plus Professional...