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    FS: MP3 Player Sansa Clip Zip™ MP3 Player 8GB

    Sansa Clip Zipâ„¢ MP3 Player 8GB(Price Dropped) Sansa Clip Zipâ„¢ MP3 Player Wearable Clip Design Ideal for Active Music Listening The MP3 player features an innovative clip design that keeps your hands free while you listen. It fastens directly to your clothing, backpack strap, or belt...
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    FS: Others Kindle PaperWhite 3G+WIFI

    Kindle PaperWhite 3G+WIFI(Price Dropped!!) Kindle Paperwhite 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi, Paperwhite Display, Higher Resolution, Higher Contrast, Built-in LightRetails for $199 in USA Features: World's most advanced e-reader with Free 3G - higher resolution, higher contrast touchscreen with...
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    Sennheiser CX55 @ $12

    Mods Plz Lock this thread..Sennheiser CX55 @ $12 Looks like a nice deal to me free Shipping.. Genuine Sennheiser CX55 In-Ear Stereo Earphone with Carrying Bag (3.5mm Jack/120CM-Cable) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
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    XBOX 360 Wireles Controller

    Selling a Brand New Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Box just opened to check the Contents. Item Location is Bangalore Selling because got one extra as a Gift. Price Rs 1800 Shipped. [attachment=9386:16067.attach] [attachment=9387:16068.attach] [attachment=9388:16069.attach]
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    Laptops Samsung UltraLight N100 Great Deal

    Check this out.. its a hot deal for the Lappy Source Engadget Samsung's ultralight N100 delivers Atom-powered MeeGo to the Indian masses -- Engadget
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    4gb or 8gb Sd Micro

    I am looking for used Sd Micro mem cards Need 2 in nos.
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    ZTE Blade AMOLED

    I have a used ZTE Blade for sale. I would rate it 7.5/10 on physical condition. rest all its working very fine on the AMOLED screen with a Cyanogen Mod on the new partition structure so its technically a gen 2 ZTE Blade. Gives a much better battery life that first gen ZTE Blade. I will give a...
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    Any Samsung / Panasonic /Denon / Yamaha product

    Panasonic 50V20 for 86k the best plasma TV at this size Hi all, I have a link from where we can get great deals on all products from Samsung, Panasonic, Denon, Yamaha, canton etc. This includes most of the products under consumer electronics. Great deals on big screens from Samsung, Panny...
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    Altec Lansing MX5021

    Guys i am looking for Altec Lansing MX5021. I am in Bangalore. If any body is interested in selling them .. Let me know and we can have a deal here..
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    Electronics Shop in Bangalore

    After searching TE and not getting much info. I am looking to buy a Fridge, Washing Machine and a Plasma TV and is looking for cheapest deals. I tried PAI, E-Zone,Next,GIRIAS, Adhiswar's and Croma and the price seems to be very high. Any particular dealers or any market where i can get good deals..
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    New Broadband connection in Bangalore

    Hi all. I have just relocated to bangalore and looking for a good Broadband connection. I require 2mbps or more with around 50GB of FUP.. Guys please suggest . I am in J.P Nagar 7th Phase and guys from Airtel doesnt support more than 2mbps speeds in my Society(Elita Promenade).. Plz help ---...
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    Video Sony TV HDMI Audio Issue

    since last two weeks i used to hear only Hiss and static when i used to connect my Sony 40WB550 series Tv to any HDMI source.It was just 13 months old. I called up the Sony Service center. the guy came an told me that the HDMI Audio Board is faulty and there has to be a replacement which would...
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    PC Peripherals CM Extreme Power 650 problems

    All, I purchased a SMPS from SMC International in Nehru Place around 10/2009. I have gone to them twice with the problems for the SMPS and they have straight away given me a repaired SMPS in couple of minutes. Yesterday i went there for the third time and they again gave me a Used repaired...
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    Sanfrancisco Orange (White Colour)

    Price DROP!!!! I am going to sell my Sanfrancisco White colour Condition is 9.5/10 Screen guard and case from Day 1 8.7k + Shipping inclusive of screenguard. Buyer will get all the accessories with the phone..2 gb card, Charger usb cable and hands free.. [attachment=7310:13318.attach]...
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    T-Mobile HTC HD2

    Hi all, I am looking for a T-Mobile HTC HD2 in great condition. My price range is around 16k. Please lemme know if anyone has it..
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    Dell Mobile Phones

    Guys Dell launched 2 mobiles in India The Specs look good. Some more Android Options for us and at a great price Dell Brings XCD28 and XCD35 Android Smartphones to India - Softpedia
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    Home Security

    Hi Guys, I am looking to install a home security system at my place. Any ideas regarding any companies which manufacture such products. I am looking for a 4 channel Camera with Digital Video Recorder with IP based tech.. Thanks in advance
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    Storage Solutions Hitachi makes most reliable Drives : Storelab, a Russian data recovery firm

    Nice Article.. Study: A Look At Hard Drive Reliability In Russia : Practical Relevance
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    Require a Front Loading Washing Machine

    Hi All I am searching for a front loading washing machine for max 18k. I have shortlisted IFB and Whirlpool in the list. Any ideas which model to go out for..
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    Graphic Cards Amazing SLI Scaling: Do Two GeForce GTX 460s Beat One GTX 480?

    Hi All Please check this out Courtesy Tom's Hardware Amazing SLI Scaling: Do Two GeForce GTX 460s Beat One GTX 480? : Two GeForce GTX 460s Take On One GeForce GTX 480