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    Audio Need suggestions on buying a microphone

    I am a guitarist, looking for a microphone to record. The microphone need not be a very high end model, a good enough would do fine. Can someone gimme some ideas on what to look for, what's available in the market and what should be my budget, bcoz i really have to idea regarding recording...
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    Tablet buying advice . Budget 15K

    Guys, I want some advice to buy a tablet under 15K. I ahve considered Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook, but would really love to have a stock android Tablet.
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    Buying Kindle Fire

    I want to buy the Kindle Fire and I would like to know from someone who has already got their hands on one. Also I would like some help, if anyone could get special deals. That would be most helpful. My budget wont exceed 15K, and @ebay, i found a seller selling Kindle Fire for 12.8K incl...