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    Android HELP!!! Sony Xperia M Dual- RED LIGHT

    Hi Folks, Around 45days back, i gifted my dad a Sony Xperia M Dual C2004 phone. Was working fine for a couple of days, and he did not use the phone for a month. Yesterday, he put the phone for charging , for around 6hrs, following which the phone is not switching on , and it keeps flashing red...
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    Iphone 4.. advise please..

    Hi guys, planning on getting an IPhone 4(16gb) from U.S, askin my cousin to get it for.. wanted to know if it's better to buy the phone here in India itself?? Also, if i get the phone from states, then how do i UNLOCK the phone here?? Please also suggest me if there are any better phones to buy...
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    Security Software AV comparatives test results...

    here are the links for the results of tests done by AV Comparatives on various security softwares.. For whole product dynamic test For Potentially Unwanted Applications...
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    Security Software Avira & Windows defender..??

    would like to know whether it is fine to run windows defender along with avira(free version)?? will there be any conflicts ?? As of now i have disabled windows defender from starting, and do not update windows defender.. is it a must to enable windows defender,or is it fine if i leave it...
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    Gamin not able to connect,,

    am using tata photon+.. wanted to know if i'll be able to game online.. eg warcraft.. just instlled game-ranger.. & every time i join a game.. and as soon as it strts i get disconnected.. wht should i do??
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    Unable to open Amaderforum...

    Was able to open, but since a month, i hve not been able to open on my laptop.. don know why though.. just get a blank page.. am using Tata Photon+.. any idea why this is happening?? i have cleared all history, cookies etc using ccleaner.. & have tried...
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    Help..Gamin, Data used?

    hi.. am using tata photon+ ,5gb plan, would like to know how much data(i.e MB) will be used if i game for an hour online??? for games like DOTA or Age of mythology.. plz reply ..:huh:
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    Video streaming???

    does watching a video(streaming) equal to downloading the same video of the same quality?? if not can anyone tell the amount of data used to watch a video..( am a bit vague with this question i guess)
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    Security Software Block torrent..

    hey a net connection but lot of friends are hogging it's bandwidth by using torrents how do i block the from downloading using torrents
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    HELP..Nokia 5130 XP

    just bought a new Nokia 5130 XP.. when i was not able to connect it to the PC Suite.. as it asked for a driver.. n they haven given me wny cd from which i can install the driver.. how do i connect it to the PC suite, n from where do i get the driver for the mobile plz help..
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    Security Software Win32/Olmarik.MF trojan

    Hey guys.. just came upon with this annoying trojan on my frens comp.. he's using NOD32, unable to delete this virus.. so i disabled nod32( din uninstall it) installed Avira restarted the comp(Disabled NOD32 again-using task manager) and tried running a scan..but the comp keeps getting...
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    Taskmanager problem...

    guys have a problem with the task manager(ma frens comp) to open it and it shows only the processes page.. not able to get see the other option on task manager like 'Applications,performance networks etc..also it doesn show the 'files view help' help options.. comp's working fine.. n sure...
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    downloaded a movie which has been in slplit into parts in the .vnw format.. etc how do i join these files.. any free software??
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    Check Disk???

    How do I start Check Disk In Vista.. Plz Help..
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    any users of perfectdisk here?? planning to buy V10 of good is it?? and does it really speed up the system?? your feedback's on this software plz..
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    Is USBCillin A virus?? not able to remove it from one of my systems..
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    How Does an Update on N-vidia graphic card help??

    How Does an Update on N-vidia graphic card help?? have 8400..
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    New:Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

    The New Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is out as the company turns 10...New Features include Realtime Protection,Option to scan external drives,is lighter on the resources and faster scan speed(according to the site 36mb\sec) the paid versions include newer heuristic detection,customized scans...
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    Help Me Buy PowerShot SX 10(In Bangalore)

    hey guys am planning to buy powershot sx10, can people from Bangalore suggest me shops where i'll get the best price.. tried national market.. they r giving it for 17,000 din go ahead cause i din want to take the risk.. asked bout the price in G.K Vale and whizz.. it costs aroun 26k there..can...
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    how do i split files?

    suppose i have a 700mb file.. and i want to upload it on mediafire..would like to split it in to 100mb files each in rar format.. how do i do that?? plz help