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    REQ: Neverwinter Nights 2 + expansion DVD / CD

    Hi, i was wondering if i could get this game from anyone in Mumbai...just came across it and wanted to try it out. Thanks Vivek
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    FS: Buffalow NAS 250 Gb : Linkstation Pro

    Buffalo Technology - Products - LinkStation Proâ„¢ Network Attached Storage (NAS) LinkStation pro LS250gb-GL Purchased this last year around Jan 2007 from Mumbai for around 13.5k. Still has the shrink wrap on the drive, very sparingingly used. Need a raid based system, hence the sale 9.0k...
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    PC Peripherals Which EPSON A3 Color printer will work with external Ink tanks?

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a high end A3 size Epson PHOTO color printer and wanted to know which one would accept External Ink tanks...any suggestions? My main and only use would be to print A3 size Images of our renderings in House. We have been facing a major color problem with the...
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    Storage Solutions help: External HDD (WD home) + esata on Abit x38 / pro...does not work

    Just purchased a Wd 750gb external hDD home pro with Esata. Cannot get windows to recognize the drive using with firewire and usb... i cut the esata cable so it fits..but it just wont work. What are the settings for an Abit ip35-pro or Quad x38 Has anyone got esata to work on...
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    ISP, Yari road, Andheri Mumbai

    Hi Guys, just purchased a new place at baghtani towers, near coconut garden, off yari road, Andheri (w), Mumbai. Need to know the companies that provide good internet service in that area. Reliance broadband / tata / BSnl / airtel etc etc Thanks
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    Video Cable provider, Yari road, Mumbai

    Hi Guys, just purchased a new place at baghtani towers, near coconut garden, off yari road, Andheri (w), Mumbai. Need to know the various cable options, have 2 kids and cannot really afford 3 tata sky connections, so looking for something thats multiroom / multi TV friendly. Please do let me...
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    Macromedia Director based programming work: Available in mumbai

    Hi, i have a couple of director based Interactive CD's that i need to create from time to time. We normally give it out to freelancers, but i have lost touch with the guys i used to work with. Work is quite simple and samples / Templates of similar work is available. If you or someone you know...
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    CPU/Mobo Help needed to configure Rendering servers in rackmount gigs

    Hi, I needed some help in setting up some rendering servers in Rackmount cases. I have 12 machines, with Q6600 processors and 8gb of ram, one HDD and a standard size Powersupply. The Motherboards are all Abit Ip35-e and have low end display cards. All of this sits inside an Ibox Grabit cabinet...
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    FS:New Nokia N82 (Jan 8, 08) 19.25k + shipping, official purchase

    New Nokia N82, purchased jan 8, 08 from Mumbai, with bill and warranty. Its with a 2gb memory card. Immaculate condition / no scratches 19,250/- + Shipping I have thick fingers and have not been able to get the hang of the closely placed keys on this one. Will trade for an 8gb Iphone (new)...
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    Wtb: Iphone 16 Gb

    Looking to purchase a Brand New Apple Iphone 16 GB, fixed version with the installer etc etc. Price is all inclusive delivered with all manuals etc etc and Box. Will pay cash or Trade. Can offer 2 month old N81 or N82 as trade too if required. Offer is valid till they reduce their price : :)
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    FS: 17" CRT monitors LG Flatron 775 FT, Samsung 753 DF

    LG Flatron 17" Monitor, around 5-6 years old. Works fine, no problems, out of warranty. Max resolution 1280x1024 LG Flatron 775FT (White) 17 inch CRT Monitor: Product information and details at UK. 1750/- Mumbai pickup only Samsung 753 DF 17" monitor around 5-6 years old. Sold...
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    FS: Brand New, Unused, Canon PIXMA IX5000, A3 size color Printer, 13k

    Need to sell this on an Urgent basis. Willing to trade with higher end 8x series video cards, 3870 hd video card, new digital camera 8+ megapixel, Ddr2 Ram, lcd screen etc etc Brand new Canon IX5000, A3 size photo color printer. Box opened to check for shipping damage only. Ink catridges still...
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    Renderfarm Services available : Mumbai 350 Ghz of processing power

    Hi, i was going through the rendercore website where they are charging US$ 0.65 per GHzHr. Their base machine being a dual xenon 3.0 gig with 2 gb of ram. RenderCore Inc : Remote Rendering solution!! Render Farm Well, i figured that i could do the same at INR 40/- GHzHr, but use Quad core...
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    FS: 2 pieces of BrandNew Abit IP35-E, THODPHOD WARRANTY

    Deal CLOSED. NOT Selling at the moment Have 2 pieces of Brand New Vat paid Abit IP35-E's purchased a couple of weeks ago from KMD. The boards were tested for boot, AS5 applied! Thought i would use them for setting up Quads...but its going to take time. Will provide Xerox copy original Vat...
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    FS: HP LaserJet 1160 + Epson Photo CX830

    Hi, i have 2 old printers for sale. Epson Stylus Photo CX830. About 3-4 years old, used for 1 month only. Dont have the courage to buy new inks and test. Rs. 750/- Mumbai Pickup only. AS IS, no warranty implied or otherwise. HP Laserjet 1160. About 3 years old, works great. just refilled the...
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    PC Peripherals Req: PC company providing AMC's in Juhu, Mumbai area

    Hi, i have a few friends that require AMC's for their PC's in the Juhu area. Can anyone recommend any good companies / individuals that dont fleece customers in prices and provide value for money service? Most of the service calls are noob ones like how do i get rid of this virus or my internet...
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    WTB: Quad Core Q6600

    Prices of the Q6600 are slated to drop around the 20th of April to under 9k levels. Looking to pick up a couple of Quad Cores Q6600, upto 7k shipped to Mumbai. G0 stepping only Not looking for overvolted / overclocked / and raped CPU's please. Please provide batch# and default CPU vcore...
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    IC Intel E8400 @ under 9k, Mumbai

    I have an outstation GID dealer who has promised me 5 pieces of E8400 at under 9k, mumbai delivery let me know who all are interested and confirm. No backing out. Shipping from Mumbai will be at actuals. I am not interested in making any money here, all the 5 will be billed to my name and i...
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    Video Can Tata Sky be hacked?

    Since everything gets hacked...can Tata Sky be hacked to provide free channels or X rated ones...or to put it another way Is there anthing that a user can do to his Tata sky box to enhance his viewing experience at the same cost, or add another STB with the ability to watch different channels...
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    Battlefield 2 : Multiplayer co-op maps w/ bots

    Hi guys, after a long time guys in our office have started playing battlefield 2 again over our gigabit lan. Could you guys please share your Multiplayer co-op maps with bot support. Thanks Vivek