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    Budget 90k+ Upper mid-end PC build advice

    Looking to upgrade my 5 yr old PC. Most parts will be new. Main help needed on selecting CPU (Intel vs AMD) looking at price (motherboard becomes expensive with Intel) vs potential future-proofing benefits (on PCIe 5.0 and DDR5). And on the PC cabinet where I need more HDD storage (4* 3.5 inch...
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    FS: Monitor and LCD Korean Monitor - Crossover 27" IPS 1440p Monitor for Sale

    Purchased Crossover 27Q LED model in Feb 2013 from Ebay. Has been working flawlessly for 6 years and still works completely fine. Decided to upgrade to Acer Predator XB271hu IPS (same size, same resolution, only higher refresh rates) and it seems almost like a side upgrade for a very hefty...
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    Budget 51-70k New Gaming Rig

    Guys, will be upgrading my 5-yr old i5-2500k rig to Ryzen R5 rig in the coming two weeks. Problem is much simpler since CPU is almost finalised. So only need to figure out the motherboard and RAM, and PSU and Cabinet. Cabient is the trickiest because its a bit difficult to figure out options...
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    Graphic Cards Gigabyte HD 7950 not working... need help!

    Hey guys, My Gigabyte HD 7950 (purchased in April 2012, and hence now out of warranty) has stopped working. Basically, no display to the monitor. Checked a friend's Sapphire HD 7950 on my system which worked fine. Also tried the Gigabyte on a working computer and it did not work. So I have...
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    WTB [Borrow / Hire] LCD Monitor

    Hi, I want to borrow / hire monitor (on rent). I am from Mumbai (Bandra). Anyone in reasonable vicinity with a spare or know of anyone who has an extra lcd monitor lying around ? Flexible to size, but preferable on the larger end (21" or above). Thanks
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    Monitors Monitor on hire (Mumbai)

    Hi, I have a Crossover (korean) 27" monitor which after about an year of use stopped working yesterday. While I figure out the repair process, I would like to continue to be able to use my PC with an alternate monitor. Does anyone know of where I can hire a monitor on rent for sometime (a...
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    Guild Wars 2 - Discussion Thread

    Wow, nothing on this game ? No1 is interested or has played or bought or anything of that sort ?
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    Audio Corsair Sp2500 stopped working

    I had a working Sp2500 Corsair speaker set. Hadnt used it for 2 months. Then after 2 months I connected it, there was a loud noise (like when a fuse is blown), possibly a spark ... cant tell you where exactly it came from since I was too shocked to notice, but in all probablity from the...
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    PC Peripherals Where to buy Corsair Carbide 400R from ?

    Have finalized my build and got all the parts, except for the most important, the cabinet. Unfortunately I want the Corsair Carbide 400R which is not available anywhere on Lamington road. So can anyone provide details of any shop in India that have the part available AND can also ship the same ...
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    PC Upgrade 50k - 60k

    After months of "trolling" around the forums, I think the timing is about right for an upgrade. The itch just doesnt go away anymore and my old PC is starting to fall apart (actually, honestly its just the mouse and the gfx card, but I guess those are the 2 most used components for gaming, so...
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    CPU/Mobo Need for a Motherboard Recommendation / Comparison Thread

    A basic preliminary look around is enough to convince most people that intel is a better recommendation than AMD for Cpu + mobo combo (above the basic 10k+ mark ofcourse)... Even within intel, the choice is fairly simple for CPUs... i3 2100 or i5 2320 / 2400 or i5 2500K if you want...
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    CPU/Mobo A different (hopefully) SB vs Ivy question

    Assuming a March release for Ivybridge (actually Ivybridge release doesnt matter, its ok if it even happens an year later), and an impending upgrade today .... would you reccomend ... A) Nice SB procc (i5 2400 / i5 2500K ?) + cheap SB mobo (even cheap as H61 with no O/c capabilities) B) Cheap...
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    GTX 560 Ti or ATI HD6950 1 Gb (or unlocked 2 Gb)

    The title says it all... any sellers willing to sell their cards quickly ?
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    CPU/Mobo CPU/Mobo (non-Sandybridge) + Gfx card Upgrade

    Current config: Gigabyte G41 Combo M/B + E4300 processor + HD4870 Gfx card Feel the need for an upgrade, the current considerations for the choice being the impending launch of the Bulldozer and Ivybridge lineup on the CPU side and HD7xxx on the gfx side... So here is what I am thinking in...
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    Mumbai - 1 MBPS download speeds on Tata Indicom throttled after upgrade

    Yeah, thats 1 MBPS and not 1Mbps ... I was on the 512 Kb Infinity plan for INR 1,100 per month... been using it for more than an year now (I stay in Bandra, Almeida Park) and then I got this call from Tata saying that I could upgrade to 750 plan for just 1350 ... I was apprehensive about my...
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    Audio Help needed buying 2.1 speaker setup

    Dear all, I have been using Altec Lansing's ATP3 for 4 yeas now and they have finally gone bust. After having read around TE forums and other sources for almost 2 weeks now, have decided that 2.1 speakers is what fits the bill for my needs. Within that space, my comprehensive set of options...