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    WTB Looking for 2x MBP/AIR around Rs 30k

    Looking to buy two laptops. Macbook Pro or Air 13' should be in great condition. Budget is around 30k each wil willing to increase/decrease a little bit depending on the deal. Looking in the NCR area only.
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 5S 64GB Gold w/ Leather Cover/Armband (Sale/Trade)

    Hey guys, After multiple flakes on eBay and not daring to deal with idiots on OLX/Quicker asking for "Final price batas na boss". I have decided to let the nice people to Techenchlave have a chance at acquiring my partner from 2014. I bought this phone from after having buyers...
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    WTB Nexus 7, 8GB

    WTB a Nexus 7, 8 GB version, I'm from Mumbai. Only decent offers please, no inflated prices. Will happily but it at USA pricing.
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    WTB White iPhone 4/4S (factory unlocked) in Bombay

    I am looking to buy a factory unlocked white color iPhone 4 or 4S preferably in new bombay but don't mind dealing in whole of Bombay. Any capacity will do, would prefer a box packed unit. Cheers,
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    FS: Mobile For Trade iPhone 4S 64GB Black Factory Unlocked iOS6 Mint (extras)

    Ok here it goes. I basically need to buy 2 iPhone 4's so that the girl and me can facetime. I am only looking for fantastic condition iPhone 4 16GB factory unlocked. Black or white doesn't matter. Box or not doesn't matter. Accessories or not, doesn't matter. We can work on a price. I can pay...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technica ATH M50 (Coiled wire) Brand New

    Product Name: Audio Technica ATH M50 Headphones Expected Price: Rs 8000 Shipping charges : Depends Manufacturer page URL: Audio-Technica - Microphones, headphones, wireless microphone systems, noise-cancelling headphones & more : ATH-M50 : Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (with coiled...
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    iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 (and prev gen iOS devices)

    Hi there, I'm looking to source iPad (preferably 32 GB 3G) or similar. iPhone 4 16 GB (Preferably factory unlocked) iPod Touch 4th Gen Older iPod Touch iPhone 3G/ 3GS - Hardware Unlocked only I am not looking for people who are out to make a profit, will pay a small justified premium over USA...
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    WTS - ALIENWARE M11X w/3-Year FailSafe

    Hi there, I want to sell my Alienware M11x which was purchased 3 months back (proof of purchase and bill available was bought in USA) I recently got a replacement from Dell because I was having the issue of keyboard imprints on the screen. I just dont find myself playing too many games on it...
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    Graphic Cards Is it worth buying a RIG with 5970

    I have been a happy mac user since 3 years. Didnt have to touch a PC but sadly now as I had to use it anyways I dont mind having a PC at home. And although I love games on my PS3 they do look so much better on the PC. So does a really nice raid core i7 5970 coolermaster rig make sense right now...
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    Job Opening

    Web designer & [Developer] @ Mumbai Skills : Website Design, UI Layouts Ruby on Rails, Ajax, CSS basically any skill-set that can be used for development in a Web 2.0 environment would be a definite added bonus! 2 Years experience preferred. Looking for someone who can design, code and...
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    The new guy.

    Hi everyone, just got aboard because of a friends recommendation. He saw my macbook ad on another website and suggested I post here. In any case I think I know a couple of people here already, looking forward to a healthy and beneficial interaction with the forum and fellow member. Thanks for...