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  1. rahul0256

    Max Residential Sanction load for three phase power in UP

    Hi everyone, I was thinking of upgrading my single phase power 7.5Kilowatt to three phase power for mining. Does anyone knows what will be the maximum sanction load for a residential home for a three phase connection? I live in Uttar Pradesh, just mentioning if max sanction load differs from...
  2. rahul0256

    Watercooled custom build suggestions

    Where can i order custom watercooled rig similar to what we see of some youtubers?
  3. rahul0256

    Budget 71-90K RT 3000 series GPU prices all time high and shortages

    Hi, Anyone who is a core seller and knows when can we expect the stock on some RTX 3070 or 3080 with more right prices rather than inflated ones. Even 3060Ti or 3060 is selling ridiculously high and above average budget gaming pc is impossible to make.
  4. rahul0256

    WazirX crypto deposit

    Hi Guys, Is anyone using Wazirx? I had sent some ethereum from my metamask wallet to wazirX eth deposit to sell. But it has not reflected yet. 2 hours from now. I had sent 0.1 eth.
  5. rahul0256

    How to sell crypto in my private wallet?

    I have some crypto in metamask wallet. Can i transfer it to wazirx? I am noob so i never did it.