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  1. aok

    Anyone heard about this company?

    Hello guys.. Have anyone heard about the company HRBOTICS in Noida? One of my friend got a job offer from them but he is unsure as he haven't heard about them and also is he not too sure about the company reputation. If any of you guys know anything about the company, kindly reply in this post...
  2. aok

    World Cup 2018 Discussions

    Lets share our expectations\predictions\match & player analysis.. or rather anything that's related to 2018 Russia World Cup here..:):cigar:Lets start with Team and player predictions.. I feel France has a great team this time around(That's my brain saying.. my heart beats for Messi and Argentina:p)
  3. aok

    Other Jolla Smartphone available at Snapdeal for 16.5K

    Jolla Smartphone (Sailfish OS) is available now at Snapdeal for Rs.16499. Intrigued.. anyone? :)