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  1. tkin

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Nah, got em from Amazon India since Brainwavz is officially selling them here via amazon.
  2. tkin

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Got this today:
  3. tkin

    No LPG Subsidy from Jan 2016 for consumers with 10 Lac Income

    India still doesn't have a Computer Science category for the IES(UPSC) exam, that subject isn't core enough, our IT systems are a joke(aadhar etc), this will never happen in India.
  4. tkin

    No LPG Subsidy from Jan 2016 for consumers with 10 Lac Income

    The rich have the power(money) and the poor have the numbers(votebank). Wonder who gets screwed up....*cough* middle class *cough*. On a side note I have no issues giving up lpg subsidy, but it should go towards helping the poor, not end up in the hands of restaurant owners.
  5. tkin

    Flipkart - Feedback Thread

    This gave me Hepatitis:
  6. tkin

    Censor Board cuts 'excessive' kissing from latest James Bond movie

    I guess this point wasn't brought up here that the scene was cut only to make it U/A, else it was going for A. Makes no sense but you need to understand the mentality of people here, Prem Ratan cr@p something is more popular among people here than Specter, hence they aim this towards children...
  7. tkin

    My Dad's IBM ThinkPad R50

  8. tkin

    Help me find this beat!

    Post here please:
  9. tkin

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Nice purchase. All that screen space and still 4 icons per row, can it be changed?
  10. tkin

    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    From my experience, no state will fit Google's area limit, not sure if this is a limit for India atm. And no, it needs to be updated manually, even opening maps with internet connection won't update it(need to try in wifi mode). Google maps is far better that Navimaps, specially when you are...
  11. tkin

    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    I got offline map days ago. Some screenshots: Offline Maps appear under Your Places: Maps expire in 30 days, you can update. Kolkata map is surprisingly low resolution in offlline mode, most small streets wont show up when zoomed in to close levels, google needs to fix this, I have plenty of...
  12. tkin

    Any feedback on

    Hey guys, I just came up on this site: They are providing buybacks directly as well as through Amazon and Snapdeal. They gave a quote of 8k on my LG G2, which is pretty close to the 10k I was thinking. The best thing is that unlike OLX I won't have to deal with idiots...
  13. tkin

    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Hey guys, is this a fair pricing, I'm not selling now, will sell in december if workload decreases in office.
  14. tkin

    Service tax is now 15% from 1st June 2016, Thanks to Krishi Kalyan cess

    I have absolutely no issues paying 0.5% extra. But one year from now I want to see reports of progress, either do something for the poor people of India, like building toilette, giving out sanitary items to women. Or do it locally like setting up garbage bins beside roads, setting up recycling...
  15. tkin

    Indians on GSMarena

    I'm not sure that an increasing stock of Indian users will be good for GSMArena, if the comments section of TOI is anything to go by.
  16. tkin

    CPU/Mobo With dirty trade practises, how Intel sabotaged AMD

    Nope, intel won't allow it, can you imagine what would happen if Samsung or IBM got x86 license?
  17. tkin

    MP4Nation officially enters India with Brainwavz

    Really good. Brainwavz is owned by mp4nation.
  18. tkin

    CPU/Mobo With dirty trade practises, how Intel sabotaged AMD

    AMD has plenty of problems to overcome, money and foundry are two of them. I really wish they would make a comeback. Intel is the most pathetic company out there. I bought a 2600k, the mobo has died, it's not a very old CPU, but intel refreshes the socket every year as to make sure older...
  19. tkin

    MP4Nation officially enters India with Brainwavz

    Good news for audiophiles, MP4Nation has officially entered India today via Amazon. Prices are competitive and a good selection of Brainwavz items are available, hope to see them bringing other brands in as well. As part of the launch they are providing some discounts, the Delta @ 999/- looks...
  20. tkin

    Why cant we get Good quality Data cables in India ?

    Get a capdase cable. Case closed. Damn thing costs as much as a power bank. But worth the price. Also the cable that came with my phone is pretty hardy too. Both have lasted over 2 years with full abuse. What exactly do you do with your cables?