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  1. MegaMind

    WTB iPhone X/XS/XR

    In need of apple iPhone X, Xs or XR in good working condition as backup phone. Unopened/non-refurbished preferred. Battery health has to be 84% or higher. All buttons & functions has to be working. Please PM if you’ve one or two to let go off.
  2. MegaMind

    PC Peripherals A good wireless combo.

    Hello guys, it's been a long time. I'm planning on a good wireless kb n mouse for my rig. I can spend 2K for this combo. Which one would be a good choice? I'm having Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 in mind. Any better options?
  3. MegaMind

    WTB Nexus 7

    Hello guys, a good friend of mine is in need of a nexus 7 (16gb preferred).. Should be neatly maintained w/o much usage marks. Kindly let me now if anyone is planning on selling one.
  4. MegaMind

    Suggest a phone <14K

    1. Q: Budget? A: 14k(max.) 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Any 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: None in particular 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: None 5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen 6. Q...
  5. MegaMind

    Iphone 4s warranty.

    Hey guys, i have a query on behalf of my good friend. My friend has an iphone 4s bought from infibeam, so i guess it has 1yr indian warranty on hardware n software. Right? After this 1 yr will he be able to extend the warranty by paying extra or something?
  6. MegaMind

    PC Peripherals A gaming mouse.

    Hey guys planning on getting a new mice solely for gaming.. Budget : 3K (can be extended if really worth it) I prefer palm grip mice.. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  7. MegaMind

    Laptops Laptop doesn't power on..?

    Hey guys, a friend of mine bought a sony vaio SVE15116EN laptop a month ago. It was working flawlessly till yesterday, but today when power on the laptop the power LED comes up & the HDD activity LED blinks for a couple of times and doesnt show up. There is no display on the screen and the power...
  8. MegaMind

    Pathetic service by Transcend

    Hey guys, i bought a Transcend 640GB (TS640GSJ25M2) on 20th September 2011 from It started giving problems after a month, rarely gets recognized. So i gave it for RMA to Accel frontline services ltd. chennai on 28-oct-2011. Ever since i've been waiting for the replacement. I...
  9. MegaMind

    Error : 651 Bsnl!

    Hey guys, i'm getting Error 651 while trying to connect to internet in my BSNL broadband connection. Was working fine till today morning.. Any suggestions?
  10. MegaMind

    Samsung Corby S3653

    Selling on behalf of my cousin. Model number and details: Samsung Corby Colors S3653 Date of purchase: Dec 2010 Reason for sale: Upgraded to Android Warranty details: Nil Expected Price: 2,800 Location of Seller: Chennai Product Condition: Working Fine 100% Accessories Included: Original...
  11. MegaMind

    Storage Solutions Good USB Optical disk drive for netbook.

    Hey guys, Need a good external plug n play ODD for my cousin's netbook. Which one to go for? Shortlisted these, Theitdepot - Samsung 8X Slim External DVD Writer (SE-S084) Theitdepot - Transcend 8X Slim External DVD RW (TS8XDVDRW) Theitdepot - Sony 8x Slim USB External DVD Writer (DRX-S90U)
  12. MegaMind

    Audio A Decent 2GB mp3 player.

    Hello guys, My cousin is planning on a 2GB mp3 player for 1.5K(max.). I tried a lot to convince her for clip+, but failed:( So 1.5K @max. and upon research i've thought of philips gogear mix 2GB - 1.4K. Is there any better option ??
  13. MegaMind

    Video Onida LED TV. Any idea?

    Hello fellow members of TEF, my brother is planning on a 32" LED/LCD TV. Budget ~30K He got a quote of 30.5K for Onida LEO32NMSF100L(LED) from Next showroom. Anyone came across onida LEDs?
  14. MegaMind

    Audio The Corsair SP2500!

    Guys, i'm planning on getting the SP2500 soon.. Any idea abt the availability in chennai? SMC is quoting 14.5K, shipping adds a 1K odd...
  15. MegaMind

    Corsair VX450 PSU...

    Corsair VX450 Power Supply Unit for sale. Product Condition: 100% working, Can power a quad cpu+560ti/6950. Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 30-jan-2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, 3 Years & 5 months Warranty remaining out of 5 Years Reason for Sale: Upgraded...
  16. MegaMind

    Car & Bike Honda Activa or Suzuki Access??

    Heys guys, planning on a scooter/moped for my dad.. He is 60yrs old... So far he has been riding std. bullet 350.. As the topic says which is better or any better options?
  17. MegaMind

    PC Peripherals Best TIM on Earth?

    Guys, Just want to know the best TIM on the planet w/o curing time? I was thinking of MX-4. Any better options??
  18. MegaMind

    Monitors Good gaming monitor for 11k

    Hey guys, planning on getting a good gaming monitor(1080p) to replace my V173W... Budget 11k(12k max.)... I was looking at, Samsung P2350 Asus ML238H On seeing the specs, Asus ML238H looks better... Which one to get? Any better options?
  19. MegaMind

    Audio Earphones to replace ipod's...

    Hey guys, My ipod nano's earphones are faded to one-side... So planning on getting a new earphones... Is there any other better earphones than the original ipod's earphones under 1.5k(2k if needed)? Need enormous bass n SQ to the level of ipod's EP.. Considering Sennheiser CX 180 - 1.3k...
  20. MegaMind

    Storage Solutions Decent SSD for OS drive.

    Hey guys, plannin on getting a SSD from U.S ... Budget is around $150, Size required is 60GB(enough for OS+some apps, i guess)... I was lookin at, OCZ Agility 3 OCZ Solid 3 SSD bench.. Any better options??