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    FS: Others Reliance Trends Footwear Coupon

    Got these coupons from Reliance digital store as exchange benefit. used 4 of these coupons, remaining 4 are for sale. Physical coupon required for discount so I'll send these coupons to the buyer via speedpost. Also these coupons have expiry date of 31/10/2021 so please remember this before...
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    WTB GTX 1050

    As the title says, i'm looking for a gtx 1050 or similar pcie powered gpu. no 610/710 offers please. price should be reasonable and better if its under warranty.
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    WTB Motherboard for 1155 proccy

    As the title indicates, i'm looking a motherboard for 1155 processor. TPM and quad ram slots is highly preferable but not mandatory. required warranty atleast a week with DOA.
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    WTB Graphics card

    My gt710 is giving up so looking for a basic, low budget graphics card for dual monitor. Should be in good working condition along with testing warranty.
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    CPU/Mobo Intel or asus

    Looking for a h77 mobo. which one to choose: intel or asus.
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    FS: Movie and Music Audio cd's for sale.

    1) Bombay- hindi film Audio cd (seal packed). - 70/- 2) YRF top 50 Reloaded. (3 cd pack). - 90/- Bombay cd is seal packed. yrf top 50 reloaded- used. its a 3 cd pack in which disc 1&2 are fine, on disc 3, there is a small spot on the recording surface, but that doesn't effect disc...
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    PC Peripherals Help for PSU

    Local (intex) 450W psu or cooler master 250W psu. which is better for a system with following config. core i5 2500 Asus h67 mobo g.skill 2x2GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM 1TB WD cavier black HDD LG dvd drive Any technical help is highly appreciated, as i don't know much about power consumption.
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    WTB Audio cd's

    I'm looking for original audio cd's of old & new hindi films. the discs should be in good condition. Thanks vishal