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  1. Samkong

    Android Cell broadcast in unknown language

    Please try to install your local language if available on play store and see. But, I think, it must be preinstalled on your phone within the OS itself to be displayed properly as Broadcasted notification.
  2. Samkong

    Windows Windows 10 should DIE !!! Microsoft experts ruined it. ?

    One of the Worst Wndows Ever! :(
  3. Samkong

    4G/LTE USB modem

    E-398 from Huawei and MF833T from ZTE are superb! you may try other models marketed by various ISP in India but, basically All the 2/3/4G, LTE modems are manufactured by these two major Chinese Brands only!
  4. Samkong

    FS: Networking TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter (TL-WN823N)

    Please PM me your Account Details, Amount to be deposited Including the Shipping charge up to pin:791110
  5. Samkong

    Refrigerator - with Digital Inverter or Regular Model?

    Exactly!I bought an Electolux with Built in Inverter for 14k and it gave me a service of 15 long years without any problem. On the other hand, an ordinary one of LG for below 10k. Had top repair for three times within the first year ie., the Compressor twice and the Ice Chamber replacement once!
  6. Samkong

    Burn-in on LG LED TV

    Yes, Burned in Effects were usually seen on Plasma Panels only. There used to be a Software to Create Multicolored Random visual effect for Laptop Screen which can be moved to the effected Spot by draging via Mouse. That could have been used on a PC and connecting your LCD Panel but, Still you...
  7. Samkong

    Graphic Cards Need help For repairing a Radeon GPU

    I go with Cetansha, if you can effort to reflow the GPU, there's a 90% chance that, it'll work again...
  8. Samkong

    FS: Mobile 1.5yrs old Xperia Z5 premium E6883 at 16000 (fixed) with wireless headset free

    Callled you up Bro, from my 9436201946 number... Account Details please?
  9. Samkong

    Daikin or Hitachi?

    Point to be noted ;)
  10. Samkong

    FS: Tablet BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE 32GB

    Could you please pm me your contact number?
  11. Samkong

    The Brilliant Shashi Tharoor Speech... Slap on face for the Advocates of British Colonial Rule

    You need to know What dirty tricks Gandhi/Nehru both have played to the Indians
  12. Samkong

    Suggest an Inverter for Home use

    Modern TV Sets do not usually require any Vok\ltage Stablizers etc. as those are SMPS[Switch Mode Power Supply] with Spike/Surge Protection and have a wide range of input voltage from 90to240VAC. Hyundai Inverters are very Good With AmcoYuasha Tubular Bettery. but Price may go up to 26k plus...
  13. Samkong

    FS: RAM ADATA Premier DDR3 2 GB Laptop DRAM ( low voltage)

    will it fit in my HPMini-110-3100?:bag:
  14. Samkong

    CPU/Mobo PC Reboots Automatically On First Boot After Rest

    yes, it could be the PSU oand/or the BIOS BIOS tend to get corrupt due to sudden/Improper Shutdown so please check both. QUOTE="Crapmypants, post: 2041976, member: 58162"]How old is your current psu & is it possible to try another one? it could be After checking the current requirement by the...
  15. Samkong

    Video Vu 40K16 40 Inches Full HD LED Television

    Oh! Thank Oh! Thank you So much for your information. I was just wondering about the the Viewing angle only ha ha :D please go ahead ATB:playful:
  16. Samkong

    The Brilliant Shashi Tharoor Speech... Slap on face for the Advocates of British Colonial Rule

    Yes, Britisher have given us so much in return of what they have taken from India, The constitution, Law& Order[ Police Station, Administration office etc.], Postal Service, Transportation[ Train, Motor etc.] the most Important is they have taught us to wear cloth[Dress Code]:D Oh! I've...
  17. Samkong

    Storage Solutions USB pendrive error: Disk is write protected. Unable to format.

    URescu An updte for all. URescue is a very good software for Pendrive with Corrupted firmware usually shows that, "No media found, Insert Disk" etc. error. I've successfully Cured my HPV165W4GBPendrive which had some firmware issue and showing No Disk/No media. firmware was updated by Urescue...