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  1. ayanavish

    Budget 31-40k Desktop upgrade. Advice needed

    Thanks let me check with him Edit: No, new purchase only
  2. ayanavish

    Budget 31-40k Desktop upgrade. Advice needed

    Hey guys, Asking this on behalf of a friend. The desktop will be primarily used for 3D modelling and texturing, and a little bit of gaming. Purchase place is Kolkata. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. What is your budget? 31-40K What is your existing hardware configuration (component...
  3. ayanavish

    Asus Zenfone2 launched in india. Starts at 12999

    Most probably it's an assumption. Don't think it will be a scaled down version given the success of ZF1
  4. ayanavish

    94% pickpockets caught in Metro are women

    Seems like men are more skillful here, or the police nabs only the women
  5. ayanavish

    Asus Zenfone2 launched in india. Starts at 12999

    Sounds great, hopefully the battery will hold up this time
  6. ayanavish

    Budget 15-20K Suggest good android phone (no custom ROMs or rooting stuff, only stock). Bought: Nexus 5 32GB Snapdeal: hsbc 10 % Maximum savings of Rs.3,000 per card 23778 -2377 = 21401
  7. ayanavish

    LG Fx0 Firefox OS smartphone with transparent body announced

    Yes, highly overpriced. Not sure, if it's a good concept though.
  8. ayanavish

    Sab ka Baap smart mobile !!!!

    Looks great on paper
  9. ayanavish

    OnePlus banned from selling phones in India

    ha ha +1 to Micromax canvas knightly turbo gold, logan edition
  10. ayanavish

    Heartbreaking : Hundreds of children massacred in Pakistan

    Sad day for the world.. RIP
  11. ayanavish

    Xodiom - Oneplus One Killer or International Fraud????

    Seems scam, even OPO has been marred by controversies
  12. ayanavish

    Android Moto G (2013) is now receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop ?

    Based on various reports, that screenshot is of the soak test that was carried on by Moto on XT1033. As Moto has updated the Lollipop change-log page so, an OTA for the Indian users might be imminent.
  13. ayanavish

    (SPOILERS) Please explain me Interstellar loop

    Yes there's a paradox in Interstellar -- and don't forget this is a science fiction, not a documentary on black holes. Nolan likes to keep a few things open ended to spur up debates -- most likely creativity blended with marketing strategy
  14. ayanavish

    Magic School Bus themed custom keyboard

    Looks quite good, great job
  15. ayanavish

    Less than 10K A good reliable phone under 9k (10k max)

    Zenfone 5 has a lite version too. You get 1 GB RAM, a lesser clocked processor and a tad lower resolution but get a bigger battery.