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    FS: RAM Brand new DDR3 TRANSCEND 8GB ram 1600 Mhz for desktop.

    BRAND NEW TRANSCEND 8GB RAM 1600 MHZ Bought FOR : 4366/- ( 30 Apr 2015 ORIGINAL BILL see pictures.) SELLING FOR : 3500/- (NON NEGOTIABLE) (Unused not even a month since purchase) Reason: Not COMPATIBLE WITH my CPU.( opened only once to try with my cpu) *LIFETIME WARRANTY* Location: R.T...
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    WTB 4gb ram*2 ddr3 desktop ram budget 4k

    looking to buy ram in the exact budget mentioned!!
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    NOKIA 9500 cheap cheaper cheapest

    CHECK SPECS: Nokia 9500 - Full phone specifications PHONE+CHARGER CoNDITION: the front screen isnt working EVERYTHING else is in working condition. LOCATION: GURGAON Reason for sale : lying around no use for it. Cost : 1500/- bas lejayo 3 day testing warranty will be given.
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    I phone 3g 16gb *unlocked*

    REASON: SELLING ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND WHO is happy using his 1100 and has least fascination for this BEAUTY. CONDITION: WORKING PERFECTLY, ROBUST AND NEAT except for some minor scratches at the back! *USED VERY SPARINGLY* 8 MONTHS OLD MORE INFORMATION: NO CHARGER/ACCESSORIES:1...