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    FS: Others [Giveaway] 4 months Audible membership coupon code

    Thanks to @RIJIN P K i got one and used it. I was charged Rs 2 but my next billing cycle says Rs 199 from next month. Shouldn't it be Rs 2 for next 4 months as per the promotion. Or an I missing something?
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    FS: Others GoPro 7 Black & Fire Tablet HD 8 plus( Brand new)

    Fire Hd 8 Plus sold to @john1911 . Payment received. GoPro 7 Black with 2 battery . Still available. Rs 18k plus 150 shipping. Fixed.
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    FS: Consoles Nintendo Ds lite with R4 card

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    FS: Photography Dji Mavic Air 1 (Complete Package Deal)

    Up. Still available.
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    FS: Others Casio G-Shock GW500A-1V Atomic Solar Watch

    Up. Still available. Watch functions perfectly fine.
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    FS: Others GoPro 7 Black & Fire Tablet HD 8 plus( Brand new)

    Alright. Check pm. Edit : Fire Hd 8 Plus is back on sale and available. Rs 7500 plus Rs 250 shipping. Fixed.
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    FS: Others GoPro 7 Black & Fire Tablet HD 8 plus( Brand new)

    Up. Still available. Looking for quick sale on Fire HD 8 plus Rs 7500 plus 250 shipping. not negotiable. Brand new. It can be given as gift too as it is completely brand new..only sealed was broken to both test it and respect forum rule.
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    Need recommendations for Smart Watch 2-3k budget

    Sorry for late reply. It is delivered to someone living in different place from where I am. It was a gift for elderly person.
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    iBhejo Deals Thread

    Yes. They want to make you feel special and give you a surprise.
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    iBhejo Deals Thread

    Yes. It says processing and shipping takes time. The update on shipping part is not efficient. You might just get it within 2 weeks from order date.
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    FS: Others GoPro 7 Black & Fire Tablet HD 8 plus( Brand new)

    GoPro 7 with additional battery(2 total ) -Rs 18000 plus 150 shipping. With 2 day (48 hrs) of testing too. ( Conditions applied and explained on previous page) This price is not negotiable at all. Take or leave deal. (it is already a good deal imo for anyone looking for to good quality action...
  12. S avoid . Poor experience.

    They are okay with plastic parts etc. even those are about average I would say . But their electronics is just plain cheap Chinese shit, no quality control, no service. My idea to post here is for advice to people to not waste money like I did. Btw good to know that Ulanzi is there brand...
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    iBhejo Deals Thread

    Oh I have that too. Amazing piece of kit. Wish I had bought 2 of them. Yes no charging indicator.