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  1. mahesh_bharti

    WTB Motherboard for Intel Core I7 4770k

    Hi wanted to motherboard for my Intel Core i7 4770k As my motherboard MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING Motherboard bios fail let me know if you have spare one. else i will sell Intel Core i7 4770k Corsair Vengence 8Gb x2 1600Mhz RAM liquid cooler Thanks
  2. mahesh_bharti

    Want to buy I pad 2 cable

    Hi if any one have spare i pad 2 cable. kindly let me know Thanks.
  3. mahesh_bharti

    PC Peripherals Need suggestion for Good PSU

    My corsair CX stop working after 8 Yr. My current configuration is as under :- Processor - Intel Core i7 4770k Motherboard - MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING Motherboard RAM - Corsair Vengence 8Gb x2...
  4. mahesh_bharti

    OnePlus smart TV

    OnePlus has never ventured outside of the smartphone market, though it came close to releasing a smartwatch. This is now changing, as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has announced that a TV product is now in development. "We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent...
  5. mahesh_bharti

    Who bear Tech enclave running Cost

    Hi, Today i disable adblock for opening one site as it require. Out curiosity i checked Tech enclave I was surprised, No Ad at all My next thought was who bear running/operational expense of this site. if any one know let me know Thanks
  6. mahesh_bharti

    WTB Logitech Harmony 650

    hi, i wanted to buy Logitech Harmony 650 if anybody going to US or coming back from US can help me. it will save me cost-wise.
  7. mahesh_bharti

    PC Peripherals Need your valuable suggestion about Flirc for my raspberry pi2

    hi, i wanted to buy a Flirc for my raspberry pi2 . currently i am using OPENELEC in my raspberry pi2 for media consumption. I wanted to know following:- 1. am i making correct decision 2. other available options before me 3. where to buy ? 4. or wait for some time. Thanks in advance. Mahesh
  8. mahesh_bharti

    WTB Powered usb hub raspberry pi2

    Hi , i wanted to connect my 2 tb WD passport ultra if any one is having for sell/idle kindly let me know
  9. mahesh_bharti

    Help me to select Dual Arm Full Motion TV Wall mount for SONY LED 40''

    I want to buy Dual Arm Full Motion TV Wall mount for my SONY LED 40'' i have selected two First second one...
  10. mahesh_bharti

    WTB NOTE 3 (N9005) unlocked

    I want buy note 3 (N9005) unloked if any member have pls PM me
  11. mahesh_bharti

    Kindly help me to buy I pad case from aliexpress

    I want to buy one case for ipad costing $10.90 Link : but i am not able to make payment through my debit card or net banking If some one help me to make payment...
  12. mahesh_bharti

    Internet connection on the moon far faster than on the Earth

    Washington: Sounds unreal, but it's true! Internet connection on the moon is 10 times faster than on the Earth. A test conducted by NASA and MIT engineers has found that a spacecraft orbiting the moon has an Internet connection with a monster speed if we compare it with connections on Earth...
  13. mahesh_bharti

    Bharti Airtel offers 4G services on mobiles in Bangalore

    BANGALORE: Bangalore will become the first city in India to experience 4G services on mobile from this month. The country's largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel is launching 4G services for smartphones such as iPhone 5S, 5C and Xolo, from this month. The launch is a prelude to the 4G war...
  14. mahesh_bharti

    Suggest a hd media player for my parent

    Hello friends i want to buy WD live tv Hub for my parent > i think it is easy to use > it has inbuilt 1 TB storage Kindly suggest where to buy (flipkart or some where else or buy something else) Thanks in advance.Friends need your valuable input
  15. mahesh_bharti

    URGENT Advice needed to purchase Solar Panel and charge controller

    I got transfer from Mumbai to Bihar (Begusarai). Here due to electricity problem I purchased 1. 875 VA Luminous pure sine wave Inverter 2. IT500 Excide Battery But after few days I realized that here electricity provide only 4-6 hour dealer says it is not sufficient to charge...
  16. mahesh_bharti

    Pls suggest a 3g /evo rev/adsl/dsl Router (read it for a favour)urgent

    I was previously in Mumbai using Tata Broadband 4mbps unlimited Now i got trasfer from mumbai to Begusarai(bihar) Here no tata/reliance/dsl/unlimited So i wanted to try all so i selected TP link newly launch TD-W8968 It has USB i can try all dongle net through it whether 3g/evo/cdma ADSL to...
  17. mahesh_bharti

    FS: Others 4 MBPS BROADBAND PLAN Effective price Rs 300 PM(FREE)

    Friends I am using this connection for last 4.5 Year Now i got transfer from Mumbai to begusarai. So i want this connection not go to waste There is no FUP of this plan. Download speed is 500KBPS. in best seeded Torrent speed is same you can enjoy 9PM to 9AM free In day time charges are Rs24...
  18. mahesh_bharti

    FS: Home Audio Video Altec Lansing ATP3 3-Piece Speaker System - Mumbai

    Product Name:Altec Lansing ATP3 Expected Price: Rs 2000 Shipping charges:Local Buyers only Description if any:- used very less (almost 6 month since i switch to MX-5021 Reason for Sale:since last one year switch to polk tower speaker + denon receiver Product condition: 8/10 Purchase Date...
  19. mahesh_bharti

    Want Wi fi dongle

    I want to buy wifi dongle i m from mumbai. Please PM your offer:)
  20. mahesh_bharti

    Urgent need 80 GB IDE hard disk

    My friends needs a 80 GB IDE HARD DISK FOR HIS OLD SYSTEM He is in hurry. if have it & want to sell let me know.:)