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    Marshall Woburn II - Rarely used Speaker

    So, saw an ad which listed this speaker for 40k Obviously the currect market price is 44k ish and with bank offers rolling out. We might end up buying at 40k ish. Now, lots of good reviews on this device in YouTube. Was wondering if any of you had first...
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    Getting back to shaving..

    Had 10+ inch length beard with ponytail for long. Trimmed hair and had to shave with frequent pest from wife an parents and my boss. Also I had too many white hairs growing. Coloring beard is too tiring and wanted to have a changed look. Now, the question is, I'm not too good with blades...
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    WTB Samsung 45w Charger

    Seems like it's out of stock in market and anyone have spare to sell/donate pls message here.
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    WTB closed

    Please delete this thread
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    WTB Samsung S22 Ultra

    looking for one if it's around 75K ish. rest we can talk...
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    WTB TP-Link Archer Router family

    By act of god, Bangalore had rains and some high end thunders what could pierce your ears, and some more lightening that could light the city for a week, Coming to the point.. my TP-Link used for my ACT Swift internet for up to 70MBPS Speed was fried and now I'm in market looking to find a...
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    WTB ONT Device for fiber connections - BSNL FTTH Compatible

    As the thread says I'm just got the connection and looking for modem/router. If you have unused/spare please share/sell. the plan speed is upto 100mbps
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    WTB Flip Flop Phone - Good brand

    Hello, looking for good, functioning flip flop phones in affordable range for my daughter. If the condition is good enough, I could call it as present for my daughter for completing 10th exams. Appreciate your support Iyengar
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    Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound

    Guys, I need to get this repaired (Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound) as i was getting "mute on over temperature" . Do any of you guys know who can service these (home/store) please. I need to check with Urban clap. I live in bangalore and any help is appreciated...
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    Help Pune guys - shipping Bicycle to Bangalore

    Guys, would really appreicate if you could help me find a acceptable solution. My friend from Pune would like to ship is bicycle *trek marlin 6* to bangalore and not able to find logistic company who can provide this service. Anyone who have done this earlier or know and stuff like that...
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    WTB Mi11 Ultra

    Hello Visitors, Just looking for fellow members wanting to sell Mi11 Ultra in EMI (upto 3 installments)
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    YouTube Music to go audio-only for non-premium users

    YouTube Music is soon going audio-only for free users and will no longer play music videos alongside the audio. The platform recently announced via a detailed post that videos on YouTube Music will soon become exclusive to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscribers. Free users who...
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    PC Peripherals Help please : Logitech Z-5500

    Hello all, I really need your help / directions. I have had this speaker system Logitech Z5500 for a very long time. Yesterday... while watching movie,. it went on mute. The error message i'm getting is "Mute on / Over temperature". I don't see any heat or faulty in wires atleast visually. I'm...
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    WTB Speakers for my entertainment PC (all round)

    Well I have... now had Logitech Z5500 running long time and went kaput. Now looking for replacement and preferably bangalore to avoid logistics. I prefer 5.1 but i may have to settle for less too... If you want to dispose Logitech Z906 5.1 SURROUNDSOUND SPEAKER SYSTEM I love to have them...
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    Budget 51-70k Second Build for a Flashy PC or till Win12

    Hi all, I currently have a configuration which I feel need upgrade? or may be i can strart afesh from scratch at this time. Questions What is your budget? 75K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i3 6098p + Stock Cooler...
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    Whom and where to report?

    Well. Some people know just what I want in life. I have this via PM and request on details to report phishing.. not sure which one to report. Site or person..
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    WTB Mobile for MoM

    Guys, if you have a device and willing to sell a fellow old member. Please don’t quote premium price. My budget: 15-20k Preferably Mi 11 series as mom used Mi 10t device earlier, but any device as long as the condition of the device is good.
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    AppleCare+ for Apple Watch 6

    Hello All, Most of you might have bought it and some may now. I checked with customer care and they have quoted me 8900 for $120 for iWatch Series 6. What do you guys think? Is it worth putting money on that? I use the device mainly for the my fitness goals (Run/Cycle/Walk) I might be prone...
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    WTB Apple Watch 44 mm pride band

    Hello all, if you have used/ unused, pride band for 44mm preferably. Please do not quote apple premium price. Help this soul Regards - Iyengar
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    Surface Pro 6

    Guys, Pls advice if i paid low, correct or high Includes: Microsoft surface pro 6 ( white ) Charger ( Black ) Arc mouse ( white ) Surface pen ( white ) Amazon Basics carry bag ( black ) Storage : 512GB, solid-state drive (SSD).2 Memory : 16GB RAM Graphics : Intel®️ UHD Graphics 620 (i7)...