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  1. RadarHz

    Can a 5GHz router repeat a 2.4GHz network?

    Can I set up a 5GHz WiFi network that serves as a repeater for a different 2.4GHz network (fiber internet)? Do all/only some 5GHz routers allow this, and what should I be looking at? I don't necessarily want to get faster internet speeds out of it, my goal is to get quicker file transfers over...
  2. RadarHz

    FS: Storage Hardware Toshiba 500GB HDD (~10k p.o.h)

    Shipping free at buyer's risk. Was used as boot drive and then cold storage in a printer and web browsing PC.
  3. RadarHz

    WTB usb bluetooth adapter (dongle?)

    that will allow me to connect bluetooth audio devices and keyboards to my desktop, which currently doesn't have a bluetooth interface.
  4. RadarHz

    [MDComputers] ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6800XT at 61,999 w/ 2,000 off coupon An additional coupon worth a 2,000/- discount available from 22nd - 31st August 2022.
  5. RadarHz

    FS: Laptop Lenovo 135W laptop charger (Slim Tip 20V)

    Used for charging and running a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 (82EY00L9IN) for about 8 months. Shipping at actuals, buyer's risk. Switching on clip: Product page...
  6. RadarHz

    FS: Video Card Asus Strix RX 570 4GB

    Purchased originally from @/rsaeon in late 2020/early 2021. Does not have warranty on it, but it will be sent with the original box and anti-esd bag. Repasted with Cooler Master Master Maker Master Gel Pro Master Cooler thermal paste two months ago. HDMI and DVI-D ports on the back confirmed...
  7. RadarHz

    WTB Corsair CV450 (or any other short length PSU)

    The CV450 is 125mm long, compared to most other ATX PSUs which are >140mm in length. Looking for a low-wattage unit for a low-power build. Will keep budget at 2000 as 700 more can get a new one. 80+ rating not necessary, but nice to have.
  8. RadarHz

    FS: Storage Hardware WD Blue 500GB HDD (2.5" Laptop HDD | 5400RPM | <5000 Power On Hrs )

    Came as the (only) drive in a cheap Lenovo laptop that I got for free under some award scheme. Barely used for anything more than Windows 7 and storage, physically flawless. Laptop was obtained sometime in 2017. Shipping at buyer's risk.
  9. RadarHz

    Budget 10-15K having AMOLED screens

    Anyone bother with a list of Android phones in this price range that have an AMOLED display?
  10. RadarHz

    FS: Keyboard and Mice HUO JI (Crystal Black) Full 104 Keys Set Custom PBT Keycaps

    Product page URL: Were used on CB-GK-13 (Outemu? Browns), stopped using because I mistyped more often on these and didn't like the textures on the caps.
  11. RadarHz

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900H; blue, only box available)

    Condition was marked as 3 out of 5 because of the battery, the physical condition is visibly close to new for a phone that was released 8 years ago. No dents on the screen or the edges, only discolouration of the plastic on the back due to age. Tempered glass was applied when it was purchased...
  12. RadarHz

    FS: Storage Hardware 500GB Seagate HDD (3.5, 5900RPM) + 500GB Hynix SSD (gen 3) + m.2 sata-USB adapter

    Seagate Pipeline 500GB HDD: 1000* - Product page: - Purchase date: Idk - Condition: 4 out of 5 - Was used in a secondary PC/printer head unit for storage of photos and documents...
  13. RadarHz

    FS: Processor Ryzen 5 3500 (box + stock cooler)

    Originally purchased from @/zeet2020 with box and stock cooler, no bill. Pin condition in attached photos, video link. 3 day testing warranty from me, physical damage while in transit not included.
  14. RadarHz

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Silverstone KR03 CPU Cooler + DeepCool Remote ARGB Controller

    Silverstone KR03 CPU Cooler: 500 + shipping* - Product page: - Purchase date: 6 Aug 2021 - Condition: 4 out of 5 - Used for cooling ryzen CPUs, fan is 3-pin connector with blue LEDs. Intel mounting bracket available for LGA115x and LGA1200. Two copper...
  15. RadarHz

    PC Peripherals Wireless USB mice on a budget

    For office-type work only, not concerned with gaming-branded mice that cost upward of Rs. 1000. Currently have one flipkart smartbuy generic mouse that i bought in 2018 that somehow still works except it needs a new AA cell every 10 days. Can aging electronics even do this?
  16. RadarHz

    PC Peripherals USB-C hub

    I do not intend to plug in any USB 3 storage devices, only for peripherals like mice, keyboards. File transfer speeds are a secondary concern, having my peripherals connected without random USB disconnections is the priority. Intended for use with the USB-C port on my laptop. The more economical...
  17. RadarHz

    Ryzen 5600 (non X) projected release date/price in India?

    The 5500 and some 4000-series SKUs that were announced earlier this year have shown up in retail sites. In fact, the 5500 was up on Vedant Computers a while ago, even before the retail launch elsewhere. Waiting to see when the 5600 is coming to shelves and possible pricing. Any info?
  18. RadarHz

    WTB 500GB NVMe SSD (>90% health)

    Planning to swap out the Intel 660p OEM drive in my laptop. Looking for 500GB capacities only, 1TB and above aren't supported. DRAM nice to have, not strictly necessary, same with HMB. Prefer TLC NAND. Budget under 4000 as A2000 and Exceria come in around 4.6k anyway.
  19. RadarHz

    CPU/Mobo Core #0 doesn't hold clock speeds in Cinebench single-core

    just saw that my timezone is wrongly configured (10100F, low end H510 board) In a 10-minute Cinebench R23 single-core run Core #0 doesn't sustain it's clock speed of 4.2GHz as long as the other 3 cores and keeps switching between 4.1GHz and 4.2. In a multi-core run I didn't see any fluctuations...
  20. RadarHz

    FS: Motherboard Core i3 6098p + ASUS H110M-CS (original box, no stock cooler)

    Core i3-6098p: 3000 ASUS H110M-CS: 3500 Both: 6000 Original box(es) available. Stock cooler not available, fan ded. Will let it go for 6k if buyer wants both. Will provide pictures of motherboard socket pins, CPU IHS and whatever benchmark is requested by any interested buyers. Shipping at...