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    Orange San Francisco Unlocked GSM 512MB Ram

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Orange San Francisco Unlocked GSM 512MB Ram Expected Price: Rs 5950 +Shipping Time of Purchase: March End 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Bought it from UK Reason for Sale: Already have Android (Galaxy Note)...
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    Palm Pixi Plus GSM Unlocked with Extra Palm Original Battery

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Palm Pixi Plus GSM Unlocked with Extra Palm Original Battery Expected Price: Rs 5275 +Shipping Time of Purchase: March 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Bought it from US Reason for Sale: Already have Android...
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    Western Digital Caviar Black WD1502 FAEX

    Please select appropriate tags while creating a FS thread. Soon the threads without tags will start getting deleted. For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1502 FAEX Expected Price: Rs 6850 +Shipping Time of Purchase: RMA Drive Indian...
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    Orange San Francisco BRAND NEW

    i have one Orange San Francisco for sale its GEN-1 :D and GREY COLOR (or Black whatever u call it) (Gen1 Means it is compatible with nearly all the roms available also can be converted to gen2) Expected Price: Rs 9,190 + 200 shipping = 9390/- Shipped Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL...
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    Samsung Galaxy S II Dual Core Mobile Phone

    Hi From a Local Dealer here in East Delhi i got satisfactory deal in Galaxy SII Hence Posting Warranty will be Standard as Everywhere Minimum 6 pcs Price - 28890 Free Shipping Strictly No shipping outside Delhi If u want to pick it up u will save Rs.110 Extra so pick up price comes out to...
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    Pen Drives - 16GB- Shipped KINGSTON & Sandisk

    hi This is the best possible price i can get for 16gb pendrives hence posting Sandisk 16gb Blade Kingston16GB USB Pen Drive Price : 959/- Shipped anywhere in India Warranty will be standard as everywhere Product Location : Delhi Go will be closed in b/w 19-21 April PM me for the bank...
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    Portable Battery Operated USB Router CDMA/GSM

    Hi i have both CDMA EVDO and GSM 2G/3G based network USB modems (Reliance Netconnect+ & Vodafone) for which i want a perfect router that support both of em to beam wifi around after all the research i ve choosen Olive V-R9 Nexus Router but have few doubts a) pls tell me if it will support...
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    Ipad 2 and Xoom

    anyone interested for Apple iPad 2 [Wi-Fi] [Black] [32 GB] for 41800 or Motorola XOOM [Wi-Fi] for 36800 Eta will be 10 Days lemme know then i will start a GO i will process immediately after payment no holding at all :D regards
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    Superfast Group Orders Clearence

    i just got all these deals thru a reliable source so thought of sharing it its bonus time :P Logitech Clearchat Premium PC Headset - Sold Out 578 Shipped ______________________________________________________________________________________ Logitech Clearchat Stereo - Sold Out 497 Shipped...
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    Orange san francisco - Delhi

    since i wanted to order orange san francisco slowly and slowly its getting difficult to get hold of one due to availability issues and denying addresses Finally i got one person by whom i can order these all package will be personally checked for damages etc (if any), manual booklet n orange...
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    Kaspersky License Internet Security

    its clear enough here i am to buy Kaspersky Internet security License can consider both 3 user and single user but it should not blacklist in between Price will decide later care to gimme ur Quote thru PM regards
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    1TB or More Western Digital HDD

    WTB : WD 1TB or More (Green, Blue, Black will decide) Warranty : Yes Bill : Yes Payment Method : Bank Transfer etc etc Owner : First (If u are 2nd or 3rd owner please mention there in the PM) so if u want to Sell, then Pm me with the HDD type n model u have along with the price u expecting...
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    PC Peripherals Dell U2311H issues :( Just Have a look at the thread 100% says there is nonsense amount of tinting issues + Uneven backlighting see all those pics blue on the left and yellow on the right which can be really annoying (few says all opposite)...
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    Kaspersky 2010 1Year Internet Security License

    Have Kaspersky 2010 1Year 1User Internet Security Key got it from lenovo center. reason : already have another lying will only PM the serial key the moment i get the payment - no shipping PM me for Account related info NOTE : Pic will not be possible as its a Serial Key. No crapping No...
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    Urgent smps

    want SMPS of any decent Brand with somwhere like 450-500W power ungent for my brother as the old one dead and i prefer a branded rather than a generic one pm me ur offers FAST regards
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    Samsung S3500

    wanna have 1 or maybe 2 well i dont think u can get this price anywhere for the samsung S3500 hence posting this Samsung S3500 preview: First look - few things not mentioned like it can record unchopped great quality video which is hard to imagine from the 2mp cam unbelieveable...
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    Rosewill RNX-G1W WIFI b/g USB

    Its an IC for Rosewill RNX-G1W WIFI b/g USB adapter - Rosewill RNX-G1W IEEE 802.11b/g USB 2.0 Wireless White Dongle with External 2dBi SMA Antenna Up to 54Mbps Wireless Data Rates 64/128-Bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 - Wireless Adapters price = $9.99 [after Coupon CODE : EMCMMMV72] + $2.99 (US...
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    Graphic Card 8500GT kind of FAST FAST

    GuYS I WANT a card looking for 8500gt of brands like evga asus msi etv strictly no POV and PALIT branding want it fast pm me ur offers will instantly make the payment thnks it must be in INDIAN warranty with box & no import material Edit - Already Got
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    Laptop Backpack

    guys i got this backpack yesterday after a friend recommendation its really good enough in quality also have an enclosed laptop compartment base. Got it for 970/- (including vat and shipping) so i thought of arranging a GO as m getting few more of these in coming days.
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    Philips SHP2000 BRAND NEW

    Philips SHP2000 Selling maa BRAND NEW recently purchased Philips SHP2000 Headphone as i got my Platronics back Got it for 649 selling it for 495+shipping with Original BILL + Warranty Superb comfort and fully adjustable For Music, PC, TV Full-size lightweight headphones with fully adjustable...