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  1. Dinesh_Malhotra

    FS: Mobile **FAST SALE**GALAXY S20+ 1 week old at INR 36000 with bill and warranty!

    Hello Selling this very new phone for a throwaway price. Had bought it for mom with love but, she does not like the feel of this large phone in her hands. No lowballing please!
  2. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Movies & TV Counter Strike: Diwali Edition for India

    Hello everyone, This is creative, funny yet nostalgic video for all of us who have been with TE for a very long time. This is a memorable dedication from our end for the game that enabled us all for FPS at those times. There's an important message in the end too. I hope you all like this...
  3. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Budget 31-40k (30k-45k) Need a Rig for After Effects & Photoshop

    Dear Friends I wish to buy a RIG for my office for our newly sourced graphics guy to work on. He will be mostly working on After Effects and Photoshop/Illustrator/Corel. AMD or Intel whichever is good you guys can recommend. I wish to have a the motherboard with onboard graphics for this and...
  4. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Samsung Galaxy R I9103 in pristine condition, 9 months warranty left.

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy R I9103 (BLACK) Expected Price: Rs 19000 Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Samsung Galaxy R Description if any: was purchased for my closed relative. He kept comparing it with my galaxy s2 and ended up finally buying an Galaxy Note. The Phone comes...
  5. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Motorola Photon 4G (mint condition) with all accesories n defectless !

    Hello Guys :) well everything hasnt been well with my atrix purchase. hence leaving the atrix field already and want to purchase Motorola Photon 4G in mint condition along with all the accessories. kindly PM asap to close the deal as i need one asap. no phone as of now, using micromax phone...
  6. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Motorola ATRIX ! in mint condition with all accesories

    Hello Guys :) i have sold off my captivate and want to own a Motorola ATRIX :) the phone should be in mint condition (that is without any scratches, smudges or usage marks) with all the accesories and BOX that comes with the phone. i do understand that the phone will not have any kind of...
  7. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Galaxy S i9000

    Hey I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (preworshipped condition) my budget is till 15k. but again the prices can go down/up depending on the condition of the phone and warranty status. Do PM me with any offers EDIT: 3-4 months warranty should be left.. --- Updated Post - Automerged ---...
  8. Dinesh_Malhotra

    A very wierd SAMSUNG INDIA expirience

    Hello Guys :) around 2 months back i had purchased a Samsung Wave (S8500GT) for myself and was quite pleased with the same. Then came the JH1 update on KIES (update software for samsung) and my cell got fraked up. the camera flash went bad, the phone started missing reception at areas where...
  9. Dinesh_Malhotra

    A short music video prepared by me (Yaaron by KK)

    Hello everyone :) Was given an assignment in my college to prepare a video on something that we all management students felt like doing so and i ended up doing this one. kindly check the same and please lend ur comments please note that this is not some professional stuff, its just something...
  10. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Car & Bike Shoes and Socks for Ford FIGO !

    Guys, i`m looking for an upgrade for Figo`s footwear against the default tyres. The dealer has promised me that i shall be provided with Goodyear GT3 tires as default tires from company with size of 175/65/14. (108PCD i believe) although the default size of the rim/tyre is good, i believe that...
  11. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Dont show OFF your driving skills in public !!!

    myself buyin a new car, found this while going thru some videos.. be safe guys/gals ! KGxDDDPdX9I
  12. Dinesh_Malhotra

    13Rs Mineral water @ 30.00 Rupees at Inorbit Mall Vashi

    Guys... i`ve been visiting this Inorbit Mall Vashi from the very first day it started. i like the basic amenities and service provided by the Mall authorities. Even the security measures undertaken by the Mall management is good. What i don`t LIKE All the outlets @ the Food Court at Inorbit...
  13. Dinesh_Malhotra

    No Fear of Law (a must read)

    I can only hope, this whole political menace ends someday. check the quote.. Source IBNLive : Sagarika Ghose's Blog : No fear of the law
  14. Dinesh_Malhotra

    HELP: Dell`s sending collection agents @ my place !!!!

    Dell has Gone Nuts... really ! i am being pestered with DELL to pay amount of more than 1.5 lakh rupees which they proclaim to be is for the products that i`d taken on credit from them. :S now the facts : To become a buyer of that repute, that DELL starts giving you items from its product...
  15. Dinesh_Malhotra

    HELP: Reliance Fresh Sellings Expired Products (Proof Inside)

    SPREAD THE INFORMATION GUYs.... show this companys wat our beloved medium can do against such things.. spread the LINKS, BLOG IT.. do whatever u can to make this a good initiative for the consumers check the blog link here This incident happend around 3 days back. i was @ my friend`s...
  16. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Tikona Digital Networks Wireless Broadband (Nominal Rates)

    I find the plans to be really good.. and after using something like Nivyah broadband and being satisfied with it... i have my hopes UP with this new ISP`s as compared to all the way looters like reliance/tata/airtel check it out
  17. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Motherboard-Gigabyte GA965GDS3- Price Dropped

    this board is mine and is being used by one of my friend. 2 month warranty from GIGABYTE is left on the same and the board is in pristine condition. GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Overview - GA-965G-DS3 (rev. 3.3) the price above is negotiable to a certain extent
  18. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Corsair HX620 (under warranty)

    i need to buy a PSU asap. kindly PM me with ur offers ... warm regards DM
  19. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Nokia N82 LCD Developed Red Patch !

    guys my N82`s Screen Concked off today... kindly help me get it replaced with a new original one @ any of the trustworthy place that u know of which is into repairing cell phones.. btw any idea how much would Nokia Care ppl will charge for the same ? warm regards damn... bad luck :(
  20. Dinesh_Malhotra

    Philips 42" 5403/94 HDMI FREEZE issue :(

    hey guys... got the LCD delivered @ my frnds place yesterday ... everything is good except this one bad and very irritating problem. whenever we try to run the LCD in PC mode (thats the selection u do when u connect ur LCD via HDMI to a HTPC) it freezes for like 3-4 seconds in every 3-4...