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  1. rybka

    All OS Connecting and receiving call of Android phone from Keypad phone.

    Hi friends I want to ask that is there any way ,so that we can connect the call of an Android mobile set means, if a person calls in My android phone I can receive call from a keypad phone since the network bands of Android phones are weaker as compared to a Keypad phone. Note:I am not talking...
  2. rybka

    Windows Large Pages on Windows?

    Hi all, what are large pages on Windows versions like 7,8,10 etc.. When we type on search option edit local policy a new window opens i.e. Local Security Policy under the tab local policies i.e user right assignment There is an option i.e. to lock pages in memory.. i want to know what is the use...
  3. rybka

    NEWS:Accessing Github using Proton Virtual Private Network

    Bulli Bai': Bishnoi used a gaming character to run Twitter handles He tried to mislead police by claiming 'Sulli Deals' was created by a Muslim man What is this Virtual Private Network? And this Proton what is this? Proton email address.
  4. rybka

    How to fix a “Your connection is not private” error

    Hi All,Friends whenever I try to visit some popular websites using chrome browser It gives an error that "Your connection is not private" and there is a link to browse unsafe, I want to know How to Fix "Your Connection is not Private" Error on Browsers? Mainly in Google Chrome. browsing in...
  5. rybka

    Hello I Am RAJNISH

    Hello respected forum members. I am RAJNISH :) From JABALPUR, MADHYA PRADESH,(INDIA)and I am a Student by profession and I am here to learn new technology news and provide the same as much as I have. Sorry for late intro Help me to get connected in this forums with others and let me know...
  6. rybka

    FS: Networking Plug And Play Airtel 150Mbps 4G LTE USB Dongle unlocked all sims+

    Plug And Play Connector Type :Wi-Fi, USB Brand: WINNET Huawaei Operating System:Versatile Routing Platform About this item AIRTEL3372, 4G Dongle Speed : 150 Mbps All SIM Working This is a 4G LTE LTE Multi-Mode USB stick E3372 Which is Capable to Deliver 150Mbps High Speed Internet to any...
  7. rybka

    FS: Networking D-Link Wireless-N 150 ADSL2 Modem+Router

    Input Type RJ-11 (Ethernet Cable) supported by ISPs such as MTNL, BSNL, Airtel,Hathway,ACT Fibrenet,Spectranet and neighbourhood cable operator High-speed ADSL2 + internet connection High performance wireless speed upto 150Mbps Smooth and secure transfer of photos, files, music, video and e-mail...
  8. rybka

    Windows (HELP) PowerSurge on Hub root error

    Hi all, my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit is continuously giving an error i.e. Powersurge on Hub root error.While I was typing and my keyboard and mouse were attached to the back jack port of the CPU, as soon as the error came they completely started non functioning.I tried to attach it to front port...
  9. rybka

    Budget 21-30k Suggest me Laptop for home use

    Hi all,I need a Laptop within 25-27k . Basic purpose-study,downloading and uploading .PDFs,Ms office,youtube,internet browsing,facebook and chatting using web camera Must have a wifi,bluetooth connection,Cd drive and for hotspot connections from mobile phone. Preferable Operating system Windows...