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    Flipkart deals

    Yes. Totally avoid Flipkart or even Amazon for PC Parts. Get it from your trusted shops in local markets like Lamington Road in your / nearby city. Family been ordering from PrimeABGB since early 2000s and there never been any issue. It will be cheaper than online in most cases.
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    Corsair offering inferior PSU as a replacement

    Nice. When did this happen?
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    Corsair offering inferior PSU as a replacement

    I just meant the channels of Corsair like their emails, forum, social media, etc. I have no problems with the regulations but that is just an excuse when other models are readily available in the market. They can procure it if they want. Intel did the same for me in the past. April 2016. It...
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    Corsair offering inferior PSU as a replacement

    Let them try that. A recorded call will be sent to many places then.
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    Corsair offering inferior PSU as a replacement

    Thanks! I have open a ticket with them now. I'll wait for a response from both of the parties - Corsair India and USA. If they are not willing to help then I'll try INGRAM and consumer court. No way I am letting these guys go away. Meanwhile I am placing order for an alternative PSU. Any brands...
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    Corsair offering inferior PSU as a replacement

    Hey guys, I am also facing a bit similar issue with the RMA. Never thought once the Corsair/Kaizen support which once here was revered will go to dogshit! I had trouble with the PSU, sent for rma, they accepted it being faulty but...
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    Asus Anti-Surge Warning

    Yes. It is also happening with the anti-surge check disabled. I have sent the PSU for rma today.
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    Asus Anti-Surge Warning

    Hi, PC gets restarted random times in a day since last few days. Disabling the warning in BIOS still leads to restart of the system. Is my PSU be failing?
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    Android Call recording mess on Android | What to do going forward?

    Yes. It was able to keep Google hammer at bay because it's an S Tier OEM and google does not want to get into fight with some body who dominates Android ecosystem. Now it's difficult for Google to ammend rules for S Tier OEM as they also take chips for their pixels from Samsung. Tier 1 - Tier 3...
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    Android Call recording mess on Android | What to do going forward?

    Samsung is S tier. Google limitations won't apply to it for long time to come.
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    Front loading or top loading washing machine?

    They are doing a great job. I got to know about these tests in 2013 when I was looking to compare drinks like Bournvita, Horlicks, etc.
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    What screwdriver kit are you using?

    What about coating to prevent shocks?
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    User Review Free Unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos

    Google will eventually end the offer and force a migration to paid plan just like they did recently with G Suite. Better to pay for storage and avoid the hassle later on. OneDrive Family Plan is pretty cheap.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Are wireless speakers comparable to same range wired speakers? It might save me efforts from replacing the old optical wires placed inside the wall from 20 years back.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    We, mere mortals waiting for mass market adoption of OLED to get it cheap!
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    AMD's Ryzen 5000 series gets price cut in wake of Alder Lake launch

    Not bad for 3K. Decent single core performance uplift + newer cpu means more microcode updates.
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    After the JioPhone success, Reliance-Google partnership presents JioBook | A laptop at 15k

    Jiobook is a disgrace to Chromebooks. Chromebooks are much better specced now a days.
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    Windows Laptop attacked by Ransomware

    You can enable Smart App Control for new W11 installations. For advanced users just run a WDAC policy to allow only trusted apps or default deny policy as comfortable. No stress of infection.
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    Organize Medical prescriptions

    Driefcase if you have no privacy concerns.